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  • Tessa Brainard

Interview: "Love Me Now" - Mentum

Congratulations on the release of "Love Me Now" ! For you, what is the key to writing a song that is fun and upbeat but still contains a heartfelt message like the one in this song?

Mentum: Thank you so much! When it comes to writing a fun and upbeat song with a heartfelt message like "Love Me Now," the key is finding the right balance between catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. The music should hook listeners and get them moving, while the lyrics convey genuine emotions or tell relatable stories, in this case, a hopeful plea for love and acceptance despite past mistakes.

You started off the year at songwriting camp in LA and Ibiza; how do you feel that this has made your songwriting abilities evolve?

Mentum: Attending songwriting camps in LA and Ibiza has significantly influenced our songwriting, pushing us to explore new ideas and refine our craft. Working with diverse songwriters and producers from around the world has challenged us creatively, helping us evolve as artists.

According to your Spotify Wrapped, you reached listeners in 182 countries last year. Being from Norway, what is it like reaching such a wide international audience?

Mentum: Reaching listeners in 182 countries through platforms like Spotify is humbling and exciting. It's a beautiful feeling to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds, transcending geographical boundaries through music. This global reach motivates us to continue creating music that resonates and brings people together.

Your music has been described as being inspired by 2000s pop punk. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Mentum: "Love Me Now" is indeed influenced by 2000s pop punk, as well as our exposure to rock, metal, punk, hip hop, and electronic music growing up. The energy and connection that pop punk bands have with fans have inspired us to incorporate those elements into our own music.

What is the best part about songwriting for you?

Mentum: The best part about songwriting is expressing ourselves and connecting with others on an emotional level. Writing songs allows us to process our emotions, tell stories, and share our perspective with the world. It's incredibly fulfilling when our music resonates with listeners and has a positive impact on their lives.

"Love Me Now" is wrapping up the latest chapter of your musical repertoire. What's next for you guys?

Mentum: With "Love Me Now" wrapping up our latest musical chapter, we're excited about the future. We recently signed a record deal with Helix Records and will be focusing on creating more music, exploring different genres, and pushing our creative boundaries. We aim to connect with our fans, reach new audiences, and potentially embark on a tour. The journey continues, and we're eager for the next chapter of our musical adventure.

Interviewed By Tessa Brainard



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