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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Make Me Happy" - Erica Knox

You have such an amazing way of storytelling in your music, especially in your newest single “Make Me Happy”. Can you share the story behind this song and what inspired you to write it?

Erica: Thank you so much, that’s such a compliment to me. It definitely came from a point in time when I was looking to others to fulfill some sort of lost feeling within me, I was expecting them to go out of their way to make me happy. I very quickly came to terms with the fact that no one is able to, or has any responsibility fixing how I may feel.

What made you first get into music?

Erica: I’ve been singing my whole life, but I’d definitely say my biggest inspiration growing up was Taylor Swift. Anytime she toured in to Toronto, my sister, my friends, and I would always go. During the time my sister and I were taking guitar lessons, Taylor’s songs were always the ones we wanted to learn first. When I was 16 and was about to play my first show, I knew I had to start writing my own songs because Taylor always wrote her own songs. She’s without a doubt been the most impactful with guiding me into the artist I am today.

If you could pick any artist to cover one of your songs, who would you pick?

Erica: Maybe ‘Bahamas’, I’d love to hear his interpretation of ‘Make Me Happy’, I think it would definitely paint the song in a completely different light.

I was checking out some of your covers on your Instagram and they were SO GOOD!! Which of them would you say are you most proud of to date?

Erica: Wow thank you!!! I’m gonna say my most recent cover of ‘Tenenbaum’ by The Paper Kites because they commented on the post. I did upload a Lennon Stella cover to my story a couple years back and she messaged me saying how she thought it was beautiful, so that has to get an honourable mention as well because she’s unreal.

Do you have a bucket list when it comes to your music career? Anything you really hope to achieve in the next few years and beyond?

Erica: I’d love to play a sold out show in Toronto in the next year or so. I’ve yet to play a headlining show in Toronto, so that’s definitely gonna be on my list. As far as beyond the next couple years, I’d love to play a show at Massey Hall and do a North American tour.

Can we expect more music or projects from you this year?! After this new track, I can’t wait to hear what you release next!

Erica: Expect much more music - it’s coming very soon! I’m currently recording a ton of new songs, and they’re all going towards my biggest project to date, which I’m super excited for you to hear :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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