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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Moment" - Brandon Watson

“Moment” is an insanely catchy song that carries a profoundly deep message. Would you mind sharing what inspired it and what it means to you?

Brandon: This song and project, "Moment," tells my story of both personal and professional setbacks and successes. But really, I wanted to start the conversation around mental health and bring awareness to the challenges and struggles that we sometimes face and might not have the right vocabulary to articulate the emotions or thoughts that run through our mind in times of anxiety, doubt, or even just setbacks. I knew a subject like this can seem as though it could be controversial, but I felt as though I was creating a safe place to identify real-life issues and struggles we all face using this project.

What was it like making the video for “Moment,” and what stands out most about that experience?

Brandon: I really carried the weight of this project, knowing it was going to be something really special. I actually wrote the song moment back in early 2021, coming right out of lockdown, and I sat on the song for a year. There were a lot of transitions in my personal life. I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years, Kashawn Watson, who is now my wife and a popular podcaster. We relocated for San Antonio, TX, to Florida. So it really made it even more special when it was time to start production of shooting the short film. I knew I wanted to add a visual short film to tell the story of what I went through over the last few years that others could really relate to. Bringing everyone in on my journey in short form, from the vocal health issues I faced back in 2019 when I lost my voice for 8 months and couldn’t sing and barely speak, from everything being canceled in 2020, to my childhood, getting a guitar, and having a big dream to become someone that could influence culture just by telling their story. That's what this project was for me: “A relatable story for everyone.”

You play an impressive array of instruments, from guitars to drums. How did you get started, and which would you say is your favorite?

Brandon: Well, actually, my parents are pastors back in Texas, where I was born and raised. I grew up in the church my whole life, and that’s where my interest in music began. I started as a drummer first at 9 years old and picked up a guitar, and started singing and leading worship at 13. I was really just filling in where there was a need and never really knew how it was gonna all unfold, haha. Fast forward 15 or so years now, and I’ve been able to really do a lot off the simple fact that I’m a songwriter and musician. It’s really humbling. My favorite instrument is 100% playing electric guitar! There’s nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee and just playing guitar.

How would you describe your songwriting process?

Brandon: That's a loaded question! Haha, my songwriting process is never the same way twice. I got inspired at the most random times, driving down the road or when I’m grilling out. I’m a topical writer, so when a topic comes, I can visually see what it is I’m writing about.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences or inspirations?

Brandon: Some of my biggest musical influences are: NF (his storytelling and visuals are insane!), For King & Country are incredible to watch LIVE, TwentyOne pilots, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and B.B King.

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from you on your musical journey?

Brandon: I am in the middle of finishing a full project and have a rollout planned schedule for that in 2023. I do have a release planned for the top of the new year. I’ll be releasing another single and short film. The team and I are really excited about this one!

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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