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  • Hannah Conkin

Interview: "New Kind of Love" - Bonded Jacky

Your new song "New Kind of Love" is really dynamic and I love the layered vocals. What was your experience like writing this song?

Bonded Jacky: Thanks for saying that! I love layered vocals so much – especially using double vocals – it can create such a holistic feeling to a song. For “New Kind of Love”, I worked with Cole Bingham, an incredible LA producer. This song originated from a 1 min voice memo I recorded in my car. I sent that to Cole and he sent back a bass line and drums to sing over and we kept refining and refining. That memo is absolutely nothing like the final product, which is what makes music so magical. We wrote a lot of the melody and lyrics in the studio together. I brought my personal journal and wrote the song lyrics using phrases and fragments from my daily entries, which felt super vulnerable, but I knew we would get to some good stuff if we did it that way.

What is it like living in LA and being part of the music scene?

Bonded Jacky: I moved to LA at the height of COVID, so my first year or so here was me living on a boat in Marina del Rey and writing a ton of music. I’m just now learning the in-person LA music scene and playing live, so I’ll have to keep you posted on that! ;)

What songs or artists inspired you to become a musician?

Bonded Jacky: I keep a running list of inspiring artists and it’s always evolving, but I have a couple core artists that I have loved for a while – Courtney Barnett, Remi Wolf, Clairo, Japanese Breakfast. And then some recent inspos would be Quinn Christopherson, Wet Leg, and “Feels Right” by Biig Piig.

How do you begin a new project?

Bonded Jacky: It varies, but I usually listen to a bunch of my voice memos and see if any melodies or lyrics from those jump out. Then I record even just a line or two with my studio mic and put some music behind it and go from there!

What do you like to do when you're not writing music?

Bonded Jacky: I’m a dog mom to my toy cavapoo, Pierre, and I’m obsessed with him. I also love discovering great food and happy hours so Pierre and I will bop all around LA. :) I also do a lot of character comedy – Second City and now Groundlings, so I’ve been exploring the LA comedy scene quite a bit. My girlfriend is an incredible standup comedian so I’ve been going on tour with her this year which has been the adventure of a lifetime. It’s amazing.

How do you imagine your music career progressing in the next few months, years?

Bonded Jacky: Oh man, I have very very big goals and dreams. I made a vow to myself to just go for it full force this year and stay passionate and motivated to keep on building my fanbase and creating music that frees people! I have a new single coming out in a month or so called “Didgeridoo” so I’m really excited for that. It’s my favorite project I’ve created thus far and I have a great feeling about it.

Interviewed By Hannah Conkin



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