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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Numb You Out" - Lauren Presley

Photo credit: @_mattblum

“Numb You Out” has an infectiously catchy tempo whilst being more somber as you relate the struggles many of us face when navigating the unfamiliar post-breakup landscape. What does this song mean to you?

Lauren: When we wrote this song, I took myself back to a bad breakup that I had. I just remember trying to do everything to distract myself and numb the pain I was feeling because, at that time, it felt unbearable. This song was meant to be something you can scream in the car & hopefully forget about whatever it is that may be causing you pain. My goal is to help make you a little bit better and maybe forget about whatever is going on in your own life, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

What was it like working with Sam Will on “A Little Longer” and what are some of your favorite memories from that experience?

Lauren: Sam & I kinda ran in the same circle for a while, so my manager and I knew him before ‘A Little Longer’ and were basically friends of his already. We had a part towards the end of the song that we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with, we thought maybe we’d just write a bridge when we were in the studio. So we went to the studio to track & writing a bridge just didn’t feel right. It didn’t hit like I wanted it to. Sam just happened to be at the studio that day working on something else & we thought Sam could kill this if he hopped on it. So we asked him, and he came in & wrote his part & tracked it in like 10 minutes. He absolutely killed it & it was such a vibe. It just worked out perfectly!

How has growing up in Texas influenced your musical sound and life perspective?

Lauren: I actually did country music when I was very young, but I always felt drawn to pop. I grew up in a very small town, very peaceful in the country. So I think that in a way taught me how to slow down, enjoy what's around me & not be so ‘busy’. This is a struggle for me at times because this business moves so fast & it’s easy to get caught up in that. But when I feel like I need to slow down, getting outside in nature is my favorite thing to do. It reminds me of how slow & peaceful life was when I was younger.

One of your 2020 posts describes the struggles and doubts that you and many other aspiring artists face when trying to gain a foothold in this highly saturated and fiercely competitive industry. I know being featured on Spotify helped you to continue pushing forward – what other factors helped convince you to stay the course?

Lauren: I think this is something a lot of artists experience, but it’s not super talked about. It really is such an up & down rollercoaster of a business, and it can be really scary at times when you're betting everything on this & you're not seeing the results you want at times. Maybe it’s God sending me a message but every time I get discouraged & things aren’t going my way, something comes along like a big neon sign that I feel is telling me to keep going. The main thing that helps me keep pushing is simply I just genuinely love making music. It’s my escape from the world & deep down I just know this is what I’m supposed to do. That’s a feeling you can’t ignore. I love it way too much to give it up.

Photo credit: @_mattblum

If you could sit down with any artist (past or present) for 15 minutes and have them answer every question you pose, who would you choose and why?

Lauren: So many artists come to mind, but I’d say, Halsey. I really connect with her music, and I always have. Also, I would just love to talk to her about her journey to get where she is now. I know it wasn’t an easy road for her she had a lot of struggles, and I’d just love to hear how she got through all of that.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist, and what do you hope listeners gain from your music?

Lauren: I’d say getting to tell stories through music & connecting with people through that. It makes my whole week when someone tells me one of my songs helped them get through something. Aside from being an artist, part of who I am is a caretaker, I truly love helping people. So that always means so so much to me. I hope people listening feel like they are not alone, their feelings are valid, & I hope my music can be an escape for them like it is for me. I’m human too & I probably struggle with a lot of the same things they do, so let’s heal together.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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