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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Only Love" - JONAH

“Only Love” is a beautifully brooding and somber tune. What is the story behind this track?

JONAH: There is a very personal and intense story behind “Only Love." It's an attempt to break out and leave the past behind to find yourself.

Would you say you are equally involved in writing the lyrics and creating the music or do you find that one of you tends to take the lead in one aspect?

JONAH: For us, it‘s important to create our music together. We’re playing together for hours and we’re recording everything to find moments that feel special to us. When it comes to the lyrics, that's mainly Angelo's area.

What was your experience like being on the cover of Tidal and being featured on their playlist?

JONAH: Of course we were surprised and it felt great to be seen for your art. We were honored that Tidal chose us for their cover of such a great Playlist.

How has growing up in Germany influenced your musical style?

JONAH: When we were teenagers and music became our thing, it was artists from the U.S. and the UK that inspired us. Especially Grunge influenced us a lot back in the day. We tried to hear every snippet of our favorite bands, watching MTV all day long and hanging out in record stores to get new music. So basically we can say that Germany didn't have a big influence on our musical style.

Describe your experience working with Ben Böhmer and Rob Moose? Will you be working with either of them again in the near future?

JONAH: We love writing music with Ben. There is a special and deep connection between us and we found a great way to merge our two musical worlds. We will definitely work together again in the near future. With Rob Moose, it was exciting to hear how he composed this special string version of “Home“. It ́s such a unique and beautiful take on the song.

If you could support any band or artist on tour, who would you choose and why?

JONAH: We would love to go on tour with Bon Iver, Ben Howard, or Pearl Jam. They are all great live, and we really like their music. Would be cool to share the stage and the backstage with them.

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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