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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Stuck" - Yulia Ehwaz

Q: I am sure many people resonate with your new single, 'Stuck', and would feel less alone by listening to it! Can you share what inspired you to write such an emotional song?

Yulia: It started when ArtVision, producer of the song, sent me a draft of his project. I listened to it and was in love at first sight. Some days later the melody came to my head and I decided that’s exactly what we need for this song. I wanted to make it chill and deep at the same moment so I rejected all thoughts about strong progression/change of the melody. The lyrics of the song tell about one of dark periods of my life and especially of my relationships. In any relationships there are difficulties, misunderstandings, struggles. The most important question is if you want to fight for it and fix it. But even if you want, it doesn’t mean that your partner do. It’s like one gate play.

Q: When did you start writing your own music?

Yulia: My music journey started when I was a 6 years old child, I played violin and sang in a school choir for about 9 years. When I studied in the university I decided that music is everything for me so I started to write music. I can’t say this experience was successful because I’m far from all these technical things when you write music in any soft. But anyway I released some instrumentals on SoundCloud and some people even liked it.

When I realised I’m not good at producing music I started to find connections in the world of music with great and talented people. And nowadays we still work on music together.

Q: What was it like working with ArtVision?

Yulia: Timur (ArtVision) is an extremely talented and nice person. He produced some EDM tracks for my previous project «Ehwaz». We always start with instrumentals and when I hear it I always have ideas for vocals. In a process we always make some remarks until we both like the result. I really grateful that one day he sent me a message on Instagram and we decided to work together!

Q: Your tattoos are stunning!! What’s your favorite one you’ve gotten so far?

Yulia: Thank you! I love all of them but I think my favourites are chimera on my right shoulder and aardwolf on my right forearm. These two were made my my fav tattoo artist Polina and we’re going to make the whole sleeve soon!

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world to perform, where would you pick and why?

Yulia: I want to perform everywhere haha. But still as a beginner I would like to start with Europe and the US. There are no such possibilities in my country because music industry is completely dead here but I believe I’ll be able to break through it.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who may be going through a similar situation like what inspired ‘Stuck’?

Yulia: You matter! Don’t let somebody ruin your life. If you see that person is not interested in you, don’t waste your time and leave, and that’s not only about romantic relationships, that’s about any kind of communication with people. Concentrate on your mental health, your life, family and friends. And remember you’re not alone, there are always people who support you.

Written By Sarah Curry



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