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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Interview: "Summer '22" - Scott the Pisces

'Summer '22' is going to be the ultimate anthem for this Summer! Can you tell us how this song came to be?

Scott: Both BINX and I were in a place where we really wanted to create something that captured the essence of the summers we felt were stripped away from us all over the last few years. After previously working together for her single Sea Salt, I sent her over an instrumental I had produced and we began work on manifesting the anthem of the summer. BINX wrote the initial vocal idea, and after some back and forth, with me sending over vocal demos of new bits to add, such as vocal melodies, new verses; we found the perfect balance in creating that perfect pop sound.

You and BINX are no strangers as this is your second collaboration together. What is it like working with BINX?

Scott: It’s super fun to work with BINX, we’re both Pisceans which definitely helps us to have an outside the box approach to music. For me it’s super important to be able to trust an artist when you’re most vulnerable, especially when you can’t sing and have to send them an out of pitch vocal demo to explain an idea! BINX makes working on music super easy, she’s mega talented and I’m excited to work with her on future collaborations!

How do you feel growing up in London has influenced you as an artist?

Scott: Growing up in London exposed me to so many cultures, which absolutely influenced both my lifestyle preferences and musical background. I’m truly blessed to have had the experience of being surrounded by such a vast range of influences. There’s always a busker in all the main streets and train stations, you always hear different musical genres being played from cars passing by, or blaring out of someone's window when you walk past their house. I’m really grateful for how London has shaped me as a person and an artist.

What draws you to the production side of music the most rather than, let's say, singing or lyrical writing?

Scott: It’s funny you should say that because actually I do a lot of lyrical writing in the majority of my singles. 5 out of the 7 singles I’ve released so far I also wrote the lyrics to. My process usually begins at production, with me then writing and recording a vocal demo with a brilliant idea for the artist. On occasion you’ll hear my voice singing background vocals on records if you listen closely, I featured on my singles “On My Own”, “Perfect Summer” (which I rapped a whole verse), “Crazy About You” and briefly in the bridge of “Summer ‘22”.

I’ve always been a musician, having learned to play guitar at the age of 8, and so the musical side of things always came first for me. I would spend hours simply listening to records, at a young age, likely analyzing all the individual melodies and elements. I attribute my love for music in general to why I find it comes natural for me. I guess the real reason you don’t currently find me singing lead vocals on my own songs comes down to the fact I’m not very good at the moment, but I would love to do a full project just me, myself and I one day!

What would you say is the best advice you've ever received?

Scott: My nan would always tell me that I was “Destined for greatness”, which isn’t necessarily advice but it has always been the motivation for me to push forward. A lot of wisdom that I’ve taken on as part of my mindset doesn’t usually come directly from the individual, but rather my interpretation of something I’ve overheard. One quote that comes to mind is “If you can visualize it in your mind, if you can believe in it, then you can achieve it” based upon the premise of manifestation. It’s important to have an open mind in this world for we truly know nothing of our existence.

What music related goals do you have for the near future?

Scott: I think my biggest goal at the moment is to have a number one single in the charts, that would be so awesome, and thanks to this latest single, it doesn’t seem like a pipe dream at all. In the near future to be able to quit working in hospitality and fully pursue music is the primary goal. I'd also like to spend a lot more time working on other artist’s projects; producing, writing, mixing. Lately I’ve been putting in a lot of work to build up my brand and image, strengthening all aspects of my ventures as a musician. I’m taking the right steps to manifest my success in this career, and it’s super exciting to see things falling into place.

Interviewed By Kaitlyn Nicole



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