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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Tease" - Gianna Mae

“Tease” is infectiously catchy, a definite earworm! Judging by your Insta post, it seems to have found its mark – what was your reaction when he told you that he had no idea you felt that way because you never showed it?

Gianna Mae: I laughed it off because I made it obvious that I liked him. It was definitely not because I didn’t show it.

What made you realize that you were called to a career in music?

Gianna Mae: I started singing when I was three years old because I was obsessed with the movie, “Annie.” Music has been a part of my life since before I remember. It was never a question of pursuing anything else. It’s just what I love to do.

How would you describe your experience performing the National Anthem for the Chicago White Sox?

Gianna Mae: It was an honor to be asked, let alone two years in a row. Singing for the White Sox was a goal of mine since I first started singing the anthem at ten years old for the local baseball teams. I really enjoy singing in front of large audiences, so it was exciting. My entire family is a huge Sox fan in general, so I felt all of their support on the field.

How would you describe your songwriting process, and what helps you to create your best work?

Gianna Mae: Typically, I get a phrase or melody stuck in my head, and I just voice memo it or jot it down in my notes app. I play around with cadences and notes after I find what chords I think will work best with the kind of song I’m writing. If I’m really stuck creatively, I just listen to the bands that inspire me the most, like Cage the Elephant or the Lumineers.

“Tease” is your third release – of your songs; which are you the proudest of and why?

Gianna Mae: Of course, there was a huge sense of accomplishment after finally releasing my first ever single, "PARASITE," but I’m extremely proud of them all. Each song represents a situation that I had to go through at some point throughout my life, and I’m very grateful to be able to put them in words and melodies for people to enjoy and relate to.

What is coming up next for you on your musical journey?

Gianna Mae: I’m glad you asked! I recorded a Christmas cover at the last minute, to be released on December 2nd. It’s a pop version of "Last Christmas" that I put my own spin on. I’m very excited for everyone to listen during the holidays!

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass


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