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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Therapy" - Love Fae

Congratulations on your new catchy single “Therapy”! Can you share the story behind this track?

Love Fae: Why thank you so much 🧚‍♀️ First it was so fun to even name this track this because of how supportive I am for anyone seeking help for your brain. I adore writing storytelling music and with this track it truly captured the essence of what it is to feel euphoria, shame and acceptance all in one. With that being said, I take something that is truly deep like “heartbreak/grief” and make it into a bit more of a light hearted bop.

When did your love for music begin? Was it something you always knew you wanted to pursue one day?

Love Fae: The story began when my mother and father met at a concert…literally. So the moment I came into the world my whole musical family (Uncle and dad were in a band, brother played the drums, sister played the guitar, and my Grandad wrote and played country music) fed my ears with legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, Bon Jovi, Queen, Peter Gabriel..and along the way I personally got really into Motown and 1950’s swing. My parents have always told me I had a good ear and pretty much sang anything I could from a young age. After doing some theatre and vocal lessons, I found myself auditioning for the Voice and X Factor at 18/19 and almost making it on both of the shows. It was really around that time I realized “Hey I just might have a knack for this” and kind of just went from there.

Can you take us through what your songwriting process looks like?

Love Fae: I use to have notebooks and a tumblr filled with poetry (soooo hipster 😎😝) Some of my first songs began with me taking little pieces of my poems and coming up with random melodies in my head. I didn’t have any fancy equipment or anyone at the time to produce any tracks for me. Now when I finally got in touch with the right people and got creative with my resources, things really started to bloom (I always said I was a flower in a past life hehe 🌼). I find it really fun to collaborate and work with like minded people. I’m not the best at playing instruments, but I have a lot of musical knowledge..and my good ear comes in handy when deciding/coming up with a particular sound for an instrumental part.

I was looking through your Instagram and you have such amazing fashion sense!! What person or era of fashion would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Love Fae: I adore this question! I’ve always thought outside the box with my taste in fashion ever since I dressed up as Godzilla in my preschool parade. In Highschool I really adapted the 1950’s rockabilly look and wore saddle shoes to school, tied my hair in victory rolls and got bangs. Since then I’ve kept my bangs for over a decade and really just love to sport bright colors and quirky pieces; there is no denying I find inspiration more so from the 60’s and 70’s though. As far as people…Melanie Martinez is someone I really look up to as far as fashion and music..she’s the bee’s knees 🐝

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

Love Fae: Daydreaming ☁️☁️ Haha! I’m a true Pieces brain is always in another place! But really I just enjoy any kind of creative thing..I do hair for a living and call all my clients my “canvases” and have much passion for the industry. Being outside, going to live shows and rollerblading are also some other things I really enjoy doing.

What can we expect next from you?! More music or even an album, I hope!! :)

Love Fae: Not to be cliche..but lots of singles! I just released another track called “Homewrecker” and plan on releasing about two more in the upcoming months. I’m a late bloomer (spoiler alert 🚨 ) and I have a lot of catching up to do ✨

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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