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  • Sophia Henry

Interview: "This Life Is Not Mine" - ADT

I love the way ”This Life Is Not Mine” begins with echoing background vocals, what life experiences inspired this song?

ADT: I love sounds that shiver timbers. That is normally how I start projects, finding a sound or a combination of sounds that make you want to listen to it over just because it left an impression that only that sound can leave on you.

What would a music video for “This Life Is Not Mine” look like? Is there a video planned for the future?

ADT: The song is rather mellow so I’ve always pictured that a music video would follow suit. The drop however would be a bit more energetic especially the second one with the vocals layered over top of it. At this moment a music video isn’t guaranteed but I’ve definitely been looking into it. So who knows maybe it will happen soon.

Out of all the music you have composed, which song is your favorite?

ADT: My best song is without a doubt “This Life Is Not Mine” however my favorite is “I don’t want to see your face again”. I think it was actually a really good track overall but it’s also got the perk of being what you could consider like my first professional release, in the sense of putting my projects on more than just SoundCloud.

In your Spotify biography, I see you’ve been making music since 2015, what got you started in producing music and how do you think your music has evolved since?

ADT: I remember the exact moment when I was interested in trying this music thing. I was traveling to a store with my mother, and music was playing and was just curious about how it was made. Looked it up and this lead to a free daw called LMMS and now here we are.

I definitely think that my skills as a musician have improved massively, from my first ever project that I did. I still have my first project up on my SoundCloud just so others can see where I started and where I am at this moment. I also feel that it’s evolved in just the sense of knowing what genre it’s supposed to be. Originally it was just trying to find the genre that I enjoyed making the most, but with the newest release it’s definitely solidified now.

What inspired the cover art to this song?

ADT: The artwork represents that feeling of your life not belonging to you, the smoke being able to freeform from other elements. The colors are a bit more subdued to represent the vibe and tempo of the song.

How has living in Southwest Florida influenced your music and what can we look forward from you in the future?

ADT: With Miami right on the other coast, music is a huge thing down here. It’s all styles of music as well, ranging from hip-hop, to country, to traditional pop, to Latin, to EDM/Dance, and so on.

Interviewed By Sophia E. Henry



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