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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Weak Boy" - Visiteur

I am so impressed with your new single “Weak Boy”! This album truly is the definition of pop from space! What is the story behind this track?

Visiteur: Weak boy is a story about not fitting in, but knowing that you could if only given an opportunity. The music came from bass player John Lake, who played his strings in unison with our dear former guitarist Ema, constructing the playful verses. Lyrically the theme comes from something Sir Boyfriend experienced on the streets of Stockholm; a boy was soliciting money on the streets and people were walking past him, preoccupied with their phones. Humans have the capability of quickly adapting and accepting their surroundings, yet some people and some things do not get accepted, or integrated into the community. The ability to filter out the horrors and also the beauty of the world can be a super power needed to focus on what's in front of you, but it isn't alway pretty.

How did you all meet? And what made you start making music together?

Visiteur: Sir Boyfriend and John Lake met during their formative years in the indie rock group Lynx Rufus. John had finished studying music in LA and stayed on with a punk rock band before joining his childhood friend to play bass in the new pop rock group Lynx Rufus. Big record deals and big dreams were in the making but it did not go as planned and the band split up leaving John Lake with singer Sir Boyfriend, who insisted they keep writing and playing music. More synthesizers were introduced and after some time experimenting with a more pop-oriented sound, Visiteur was born.

If you could collaborate with any artist/artists, who would you pick and why?

Visiteur: John Lake - Caroline Ailin, Tove Styrke, Dagny because they ARE pop. Sir Boyfriend - I'm in love with the cheeky minimalism of "As It Was" by Harry Styles and would love to do (another) perfect pop record with him. Also I'd like to write and perform on stage with Alex Cameron because he's a top class story teller and showbiz man. And then there's Billie/FINNEAS because of their innovation and boldness.

Congratulations on the release of your new album “Arrival”! What song would you say you're most proud of? And what song are you most excited to perform live?

Visiteur: We love to perform Royalty because the fans love to sing along and we always reach peak energy with that one. Weak Boy is also a special one because it is one of the latest recordings and it embodies much of where we are going musically.

If you could describe your new album in three words, what would you pick?


What can we expect next from you all?! I’m holding out hope for that first show in space!

Visiteur: We are recording the final scenes for the Weak Boy music video next week and have started working on recording the next album. We have great momentum now and won't stop until we're launched into space!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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