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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "YOYO" - Fior

I am such a huge fan of your new single “YOYO”! You’ve created such a catchy and captivating sound; I really can’t get enough! Can you share what inspired you to write this new track?

Fior: I was in the studio with my co-writer Kent Jones and producers Scott Storch and IllaDaProducer just talking and laughing about toxic ex’s that won’t move on and it was such a natural story to tell after my first single release ‘Let Me Go’. I always have such a great time writing lyrics with Kent, I love his energy and wit so much, he’s really become like a big brother to me.

How did music find its way into your life?

Fior: It really just came naturally to me. I never had any lessons or anything and nobody outside of my family knew I had this talent for a really long time. My dad gifted me a toy piano when I was 8 years old and I used that to teach myself how to play, and then a few years later when I discovered Adele, even though I was too young to really understand the feelings she was expressing in her lyrics, her music and voice had such a huge impact on me that I was inspired to teach myself how to sing and write lyrics.

I loved scrolling through your Instagram and seeing all your amazing fits from festivals you’ve been to! Is there a festival you hope to play one day?

Fior: There’s no activity I love more than EDM festivals! If I’m really reaching for the stars I would love to perform at Tomorrowland one day. I really love EDM music so much and will definitely be putting out an EDM project sooner than later!

Your music video for “YOYO” was so fun to watch. I love all the colors and the vibe you had going! Do you have a favorite moment you want to share from the shoot?

Fior: The whole shoot was just so much fun. That was really the first time I ever danced and I only had 4 days of rehearsals but all the girls were so amazing and made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself. And the male lead, musician Jaxon Rose, is a personal friend I knew from before the shoot so it was really nice having him participate and he was so great in it, I mean what’s not to love about him! But I would have to say my favorite part was having my mom and dad and sister there to watch and support me.

If you could have dinner with any artist, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

Fior: Freddie Mercury! It would be amazing to have dinner with the God of Rock!

Congrats on being named one of People Magazine’s emerging artists to watch!! What is your next big goal when it comes to your music and career?! I can’t wait to hear what you release next!

Fior: Right now I’m heading more in the lane of alternative and rock music. I actually just got back from LA where I filmed two more music videos and a live performance for my next two single releases. I’ll be putting the first one out, ‘Serotonin’, around mid-July. And the next one, ‘Overdose’, which I’m the most excited for, I’m planning to release 6-8 weeks after that!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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