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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Kiss Me Like We're Gonna Die" - TANA

Tana is wearing her heart on her sleeve in her new track ‘Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die.’ A dark cinematic ballad detailing the need for affection from a partner and the relief it could bring. Taking her raw emotion and letting it flow onto paper is what has always drawn me to Tana’s work. She always has a way of tackling relatable topics and compellingly talking about them. Tana continues to bring the world impressive lyrics and stunning vocals. She somehow manages to outdo herself time and time again. Releasing remarkable work like Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die sets Tana up for superstardom.

This track is vulnerable and shows a softer side of Tana. The yearning and desire that drips from each lyric are enchanting. The track is a powerful showcase of Tana’s vocal capabilities and lyricism. It came to life through a dark moment in Tana’s relationship. While dealing with the difficulties in the relationships she found much-needed solace in the thought of physical connection. Kissing and touching her partner was the only thing keeping her from falling apart. The track features a full piano that creates a haunting atmosphere. The instrumental is then filled with subtle synths and bass. Tana intended this song to feel cinematic and she accomplished that. Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die is a pop ballad with a dreamy cinematic edge that would be perfect for the big screen.

Tana is a London-based artist that makes a career out of flipping genre ideals on their head. Her involvement in music is influenced as much by her Nigerian and Italian roots as it is by her queer identity. Her experiences as a queer person contextualize her music. Giving a platform for queer love and identity is an important aspect of her artistry. Tana is a unique force in the industry. Her music is unapologetic, and raw in her art and her personhood, and that has gained her a massive fan base. As she releases music I become more and more of a fan.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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