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  • Melina Darlas

"KISSING ON A BALCONY" - Francisco Martin

The beginning of new love is surely one of the most outstanding feelings in the world. Getting that spark upon the first eye contact, experiencing the rush of adrenaline you get just thinking about them, and the anticipation of a possible relationship leaves you buzzing for a long time. There always seems to be one specific period of time where one of you just has to seize the moment and make this spark into something everlasting. Francisco Martin is in this exact spot with his song "KISSING ON A BALCONY." He feels absolutely alive when he's around this special person, and just needs to know if both their feelings are in sync.

The lyricism makes it evident that Francisco is dead set on how he feels about this other person. Even from the first line, he expresses "I love the way you make me feel I'm alive." All he's waiting on is the green light to turn their situation into a committed relationship. The anticipation in the lyrics matches the beat and melody to create this fast-paced tune. The song as a whole portrays this anticipation of "something is about to happen." He keeps his voice soft to match the lighter melody and at certain points, inserts some stronger vocals in the background to add some extra depth. The overall tone of this song is light-hearted and emits all of the good feelings that are involved with new love.

Francisco Martin charted his path in music by competing on the eighteenth season of American Idol. Luke Bryan gave Martin a major compliment by saying that he could see Martin in the top 5, and Martin proved that statement to be true. After his time on the show, he continued releasing music, such as his EP "Beautiful Ramblings of a Restless Mind," and has performed on a national tour. He recently released two other songs as well as this one titled "Nobody Listens To Me!" and "stay." His music career is just getting started and he will continue to create incredible pieces just as he has been doing.

Written By Melina Darlas



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