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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Let Me Go" by Fior

Is someone leading you on? Are you stuck in a pattern that’s hindering your progress? When unhealthy situations wreak havoc, we may feel an inability to enact positive changes. ‘Let Me Go’ by Fior contemplates the idea of breaking cycles to create freedom through the story of a one-sided romance. “That distant love wasn’t used to a thing; gave me a reason to think I’m insane.” If they can’t fully commit to you, then why stay? Release the people and habits that restrict your voice or cause you to self-deprecate! Don’t let them weigh you down!

A heavy-hitting bass amplifies classic trap beats and spices up the textural backdrop. Fior’s voice embodies a deep, raspy tone that masterfully blends strength and intimacy. “It’s pointless cuz you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t hear me; nothing’s the same, why won’t you let me go?” The storytelling hits home! The first chorus is more subdued with the artist’s soulful low register beautifully placed front and center, but the second chorus is like a colorful bombshell going off! This canvas painting gets completed with a pop-infused melody that defies expectations in the best way possible!

Zoe Fioravanti, known by her stage name Fior (meaning “flower” and “truth”), learned to play piano by ear at just 8 years old. As a teen, she embraced songwriting and began honing her music production skills. Her music features a wonderfully eclectic sound surrounded by a symphony of flavors and textures. Her self-taught style takes influence from artists like Stevie Nicks, Amy Winehouse, and Adele. Her lyrics encourage listeners to find power in vulnerability. ‘Let Me Go’ is Fior’s debut single. Her second single ‘Overdose’ is coming this Spring, followed by her full-length debut album!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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