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  • Miles Tutor

"Midnight Hour" - RIP Youth

Imagine that you are in a futuristic world in a flying convertible. The planets and stars align as you zoom by at lightning speed with all of your friends before the big party Saturday night. That's how much energy RIP Youth's newly released song "Midnight Hour" can bring to the club, the dance floor AND even the first listen. This dude is a party animals around the clock as the themes include the ideals of having a good time and becoming a totally different person by night when life is not taken seriously. The midnight train is one hell of a ride!

This groovy nu-wave-pop mix really shows off the DJ duo's ability to create music that can control a crowd and keep them hyped up before and after the midnight hours of the party. The multi-tracking of the vocals on the chorus over the spacey, chilly chords coming from the instrumentation meshes so well together and creates an almost harmonic wavelength. I think that the song has amazing range in both the vocals and the actual structure of the song since multiple things are always going on at once. Just like if you are at an underground rave with flashing lights and intense dancing!

RIP Youth is an Australian-American DJ/songwriter that is made up by the superb talent of James Maas. They have quite a reputation with producing for various Australian artists in the pop sphere including their first hit "You Love" and fun songs like "It's A Vibe" enabling them to gain more popularity in the production landscape. Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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