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  • Sydney Gray

"Monaco"- Bianca James

If you haven’t heard of Bianca James, let me introduce you to a fun, 60s sounding artist that just debuted her single, “Monaco.” This was an electrifying track with a drum-heavy introduction that had me dancing around in my bedroom. Her bold voice and upbeat production made this track feel like it belonged in a club. The song that makes you just wanna dance. I had never heard her name before, which makes sense with her Spotify monthly listeners just above a thousand, but I am already looking forward to the next Bianca James' single or album. Her debut single is transportive and engaging.

Music is always changing, molding, and shaping into the “next big thing.” Here, James takes us a refreshing step back to a more light side of music: it is fun, happy, and empowering. Her inspiration stems from a modernist touch on a 60s sound. She sings about Monaco with lyrics like “I’m gonna walk the streets like I own the place” and “A little wild, a little crazy.” It’s the perfect anthem to blast from a speaker for a day on the beach, stepping off an airplane, or even dancing around in your bedroom in pajamas. Even if you aren’t taking a trip to Monaco, you can escape for a few minutes through the lyrics and best of James’ upbeat, infectious song.

Bianca James' vocals are strong, her music is bold, and the lyrics are vivid. She hails from Toronto with a father of Italian descent and a mother from the UK. Perhaps, this explains the international and timeless sound that she has crafted in this single. Looking forward, James' debut album will release in August of 2023: a well-chosen release date for an artist's whose sound reflects the light and warmth of the summer season. If you are looking for the next contemporary but 60s sounding artist to add to your playlists, James is the place to start. "Monaco" marks only the beginning of her success.




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