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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"next to ur body" - Malina Stark

Hesitant to make the first move? Whether it’s on the topic of dating, career, finances or your personal life, taking the first step can seem like a colossal adversary. Take a moment and ask yourself, “What do YOU want?” That’s exactly what ‘next to ur body’ by Malina Stark motivates you to do; to state your intentions clearly! Stark’s message is directed more specifically toward women, whom she emboldens to trust their instincts and reveal how they feel when they want something. The pressure to hold your thoughts in can be overwhelming. This song captures just how revitalizing it is to get them off your chest!

Stark’s passionate voice takes on a seductive tone, allowing her desire for romance to come into sharp focus. Spicy guitar strums and an electrifying bass mimic the benefits of taking risks to satisfy your desires. “I want your body right on my body; I wanna be your sweet temptation.” Stark’s candid narrative tells you to be honest with yourself about what you want. Then, she takes you right to the moment when she achieves her goal, as if she’s manifesting the ideal outcome. Like Stark, when you turn your concentrated thoughts into action, that’s when you discover your real power! No wonder the melody is so attractive!

Singer-songwriter Malina Stark was born and raised in Germany. Her passion for music took root in her childhood, with piano lessons and choral singing at the forefront. Her catchy melodies and authentic lyrics speak on life experiences about love, heartache and coming of age. If you enjoyed this sample of Stark’s work, I highly recommend checking out her lighthearted ballad ‘Heaven’ which earned her a win at the German Songwriting Awards!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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