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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Novia" - Jake Daniels

I don't know about you, but I cannot think of one song with Spanish lyrics that's not sexy (think of any Enrique Iglesias or Jennifer Lopez song). I mean, I don't understand the language AT ALL. Maybe its just the pronunciation or the attitude it said that makes it so spicy. Luckily music is a universal language. Anyway, Novia falls into that sexy category - lyrically its hot. The backstory is about a guy who is obsessed with this chick and how much he wants (or rather needs) her. This señorita must be a kisser of note to make him feel this way - but then again Latinos are just sexy like that. They know how to move on a dancefloor and definitely know how to make you feel the things our writer is feeling in "Novia".

As some of you might have noticed by now, I'm obsessed with good base tones. "Novia" starts with a deep base line. When Jake's vocals come in, it has this smooth trippy vibe to it. It almost sends you into a trance, which is on point for the brand of this song. Most of us have experienced a love that sends you into a trance? Well I hope so at least...anyway, he layered his vocals in all the right places. At the song draws enters its outro, he added a subtle electric guitar which rounds the track off beautifully. BRILLIANT!

With over 100 million streams and video views, scoring several editorial placements and charting over several platforms on the pop, alternative, and all genre charts, Jake Daniels is not a new kid to the block. And I'm talking iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam and Deezer playlists. His hit "Two Face", has 30 million + streams across all platforms - he went from a local artist to a global star in a matter of months. He's definitely someone to be on the lookout for. "Novia" is no exception - Congrats with this banger of a track Jake!

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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