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  • Nicholas Joubert

"only you" - tadashi

This chill love song is the epitome of what a love song dedication should be. Who of us wouldn't want to experience a love like this? The lead male vocals has a low, relaxed vibe to it throughout the track. tadashi is so focused on his love interest in the song, that he cannot see himself being with someone else as the lyrics "I don't know who could replace you", proves. As the song progresses, he declares he won't lie to "you" or that he cannot disguise the way he feels about her. "only you" has such a deep emotional connection to it and it really is a vibe. This is when you see quality music being written - writing from personal experiences.

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar intro, with a deep base dropping in the first verse. He explains that "only you" is dedicated to his girlfriend, which gives it a personal vibe to it. I couldn't help but wonder, how did she react when the track released on Valentines Day 2022? Or maybe she was involved in the track from the start? I noticed a female vocal foley and wonder if this is his girlfriend's vocals? If it is, it is brilliant because it would give the song a personal twist.

"only you" is tadashi's 5th single he has released. He is off to a great start seeing that the newcomer is releasing new music often. If this is the close and personal music he releases, the we at Pop Passion Blog are excited to see what other music he has in store, as he progresses in his journey. Well done tadashi!

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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