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  • Emily Hancock

"Pick Me Girl" - Beth Duck

Often times growing up as a female can be challenging in many ways. One of the most common experiences many of us have is not knowing our value because we’ve been taught to never feel good about ourselves. We aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or thin enough. As we get older, we have to learn our worth and be able to recognize when people aren’t treating us the way we deserve to be treated. “Pick Me Girl” dives into this subject and beautifully shows us that it’s not okay to be complacent with being treated like trash. Beth sings, “Why’d I have to beg to be your world”, to tell us that sometimes we have to walk away from people who aren’t giving us what we deserve.

"Pick Me Girl” starts off with soft guitar followed by Beth’s equally soft and smooth vocals. This song keeps a moderate tempo throughout to achieve sounding calm and easy-going. Beth has a very relaxed voice that can be perceived as sounding sad as she sings about self-worth and a little bit of heartbreak. Overall, the song has a very chill vibe– which makes it great to really focus on the lyrics and the meaning of the song. This latest single is perfect to listen to when you’re in your feels about a relationship or when you simply need a reminder that you deserve the absolute best and nothing less!

Beth has been releasing music since 2018 and has multiple singles and 1 EP out. Beth brilliantly combines honesty with catchy, relaxed melodies to masterfully create indie pop jams. If you like Julia Michaels and Phoebe Bridgers, you’ll love Beth Duck’s music. Her songs often times reveal the hard truth, which makes her music relatable to all kinds of listeners. Life is difficult to navigate and Beth Duck’s music is what you should listen to when you’re struggling the most. If you liked “Pick Me Girl”, check out another one of her singles, “CHILL” for a similar vibe. We can’t wait for more tunes by Beth!

Written By Emily Hancock



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