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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "123" - Good Rzn

Good Rzn’s latest release, “123”, is a poetically complex yet catchy hit. Despite its seemingly simple title, the song revolves around the complications of relationships. Planning and wishing the ideal romance can be intoxicating, but the reality of it never seems to be. Most things won’t go as planned, in perfect synchronic order. That’s what “123” displays, how even the simplest of efforts can be overlooked. Though this relationship seems to be perfectly easy to understand, there is something lacking in the partner described. They simply can’t add it up and fit their place, so they're subtracted instead. Solving problems is doable, but is it worth it if they don’t see that as well?

The song begins with a straightforward, ordered pace that mirrors the first lyrics. It’s electric, a true summer night sound. The beginning lines of the piece are a play on words of counting “too (two) late” for instance being the second phrase. This introduces the honeymoon phase of this relationship, where everything does go according to plan. It’s sung simply and briefly, but when the first switch in perspective occurs stating “wish it was easy”, Josie Molasky's voice and the most memorable parts of the song begin to show. The relationship is then worked through from start to finish until the decision is made that life is easier without this struggle, and the song goes back to the simple bliss from which it began.

Good Rzn is an L.A. based band made up of Josie Molasky and Tommy Ghirardini. Their psychedelic aesthetic paired with the writing and musical contrasts between the two has marked them as a duo to keep an eye on. Their uniqueness, together and apart, allows for an artistic collaboration that creates a genre of its own. Both artists began pursuing their interest in music at a young age, Josie nearly from birth coming from a family of similar talent and Tommy throughout high school. The duo met in 2019 in college, in 2020 they began creating music together, and by 2021 the official band name and professional releases began. Now, they’ve released eight singles with hundreds of thousands of streams on their most popular. Their latest “123” is following a similar success story, stream it below and follow Good Rzn.

Written By Hailey Schap



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