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  • Alison Holst

Review: "19" - Taylor Jules

Taylor Jules has a special talent for connecting with an audience through her authentic voice and lyrics. Her newest single "19" is Taylor's most recent release that will appear on her upcoming EP. In the song Taylor Jules captures the emotions and nuances of being the age of 19. She explains the experience of being 19 from both a perspective of joy and one that seems to be coming from a place of longing and sadness. The incorporation of the different tones towards the age of 19 make the song "19" a complex and dynamic listen. Taylor writes, "Living in a world of fantasy, when you're nineteen," which really captures the essence of the song, which is that bittersweet feeling that is relayed regarding being the age of 19.

The sonic structure of "19" allows for the message of the song to be relayed to listeners. The use of gentle piano, and faint synths, in the opening of the song, creates a tone for the style of listening this song will require. That being a listening experience where one is lead to think insightfully about the song's content. When moving into the chorus new instruments are introduced providing energy and volume for the focal part of the song. When the song enters into the bridge, listeners are given the gentle piano we were first introduced to, making us remember the reflective tone we started the song with.

Taylor Jules is a talented singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Taylor Jules has shown her bravery as an artist through her openess when talking about her auto-immune disease. Beyond just speaking out about her struggles, Taylor is able to reflect this into her music to help inspire others. Ever since she was a child Taylor Jules has possessed an affinity for music and the entertainment industry. This would lead her to begin performing at the young age of just five years old. Growing up and developing her sound Taylor Jules drew inspiration from artists such as Carole King and Aretha Franklin among others. Today she has grown into her own, and really honors and displays her authentic voice. Through making music and sharing her personal stories, Taylor Jules hopes to connect with others.

Written By Alison Holst



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