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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "20s" - Drew Schueler

Being in your 20s are some of the most memorable - whether it's good or bad - years of your entire life. As a teenager, we’re always so excited or nervous to enter our 20s because we’re no longer a teen—we’re an adult. As someone who’s in their early 20s, it can be extremely tough, but I just learn to live life the way I want because I’m still young. I still have a lot to learn and experience and am always looking forward for what my life has planned out throughout the years—most of the time. Drew Schueler’s single, “20s” is about taking in life while you're still young because you'll never get that feeling back once you are out of it, but it's tough to live your life when the world isn't in the greatest shape. Everyone says it’s the best decade of their lives because they’re not too old or too young, and it’s the perfect era for still being able to do what you want; but nowadays being in your 20s usually means money troubles and confusion about where you want to go in life. Although there are still difficulties in these years of age, it's all a part of learning to experience life and growing up.

Schueler starts the song with an alt-pop and rock soundscape paired with his relatable lyrics. He captures the times of being young which can resonate with the listener and bring some sense of reassurance that they’re not the only ones that goes through being in your 20s—whether that's making dumb decisions, dealing with tough situations, or just living in the struggles of the world today. Schueler’s vocals enhance the melody smoothly with the mid-fast beat tempo creating an enjoyable listen that is head bopping worthy. He sounds passionate through his raw voice which captivates the listener’s mood and emotions. The song is to the point and emphasizes the meaning just like the title—20s. The track has a safe and peaceful atmosphere through the lyrics that’s contrasted with the energetic tune creating a diverse listen. The passion Schueler brings out in his tone is highlighted throughout which is a pleasant listen for your ears.

Drew Schueler is an up-and-coming artist/writer/producer from Nashville, Tennessee. His vocals and songwriting skills helps him stand out in the Music City and beyond because of his well-crafted and polished abilities. His fan base has been growing because of his stellar music and being consistent. This is needed for emerging artists which he’s able to achieve for being stable in his work. He recently won a grand prize for the NSAI Song Contest. He’s amped up over 20,000 Spotify monthly listeners and has released a few singles last year like “Lost Without You,” “I’d Be Lying,” and “To Know I Hurt You” which are all great songs! This is Schueler’s breakout year, so make sure to check him out and look forward to his music!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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