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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "24" - Frederika

Photo Credit: Frederika

"24" by Frederika is a complete character arc with an empowered ending. The thrumming bass is steady but increases in intensity and pace as we journey from broken to rage and eventually empowerment. Frederika mentions that this song has a double meaning for her and it’s evident with lines like “nothing 'bout my love can fix your pain” and “now I’m grown up and I don’t wanna feel this anymore, like before”. It’s as much about toxic relationships as it is about the inner mental struggles that come with these relationships. We are here for a liberating healing journey and "24" provides just that.

 If I could describe the first minute of this song, it would be akin to the feeling of being suffocated underwater. You can feel Frederika’s emotional evocation through the guitar. Her vocals match the slow, dark, beat in this first minute to draw out the emotional exhaustion she has experienced from this toxic influence before we build to the rage and spite that comes from trying to save someone who is only intent on breaking us down. The beat crescendos at 2:30 and conveys a new empowered version of Frederika as she’s concluded that she is done and will no longer let this relationship drown her. "24’s" simple but building dark pop and rock beat allows you to focus on the intent of the song's lyrics while providing the emotional translation through the subtle synth and powerful guitar thrums and drums. It’s a relatable story whether you’re experiencing an ending to a romantic or platonic relationship. "24" clearly demonstrates feminine rage and the transformative powers it provides.

Frederika is an up-and-coming London-based singer and songwriter who gained her start in music with her Debut EP “Capitals & Broken Hearts”. Frederika’s EP features the upbeat dance single “Going Out” which was produced by renowned songwriter and producer Sky Adams. Her EP also features melodic pop songs “First Date”, a result of collaboration with producer and songwriter Benjamin Totten, and “Careful”. Since her debut, Frederika has sought evolution in her music which is evident in “24” as she blends rock and dark pop to create this evocative piece. Her vocals are clear, melodic, and strong, blending well with the dark pop genre. Her music conveys the emotional battle associated with toxic situations and the feminine rage that leads to liberation from these binding influences. Frederika is a rising artist exploring the dark pop genre and has expressed excitement at the production of more songs like “24” in the near future. You can find more of her tracks on Spotify.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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