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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "27 in a 7-Eleven" - SHN

After a year since her last release, pop artist SHN has new music for her listeners. SHN is kicking off 2023 with a song that any young adult can probably relate to. Her new single, “27 in a 7-Eleven" was released on January 13th and as the title suggests, this track is about reflecting on your age inside of that famous convenience store that you or someone you know has probably been to. With hints of nostalgia, you can find this artist looking back on their past while making passes at growing up and watching the world moving forward. As SHN puts it, this track was made for “The ones that feel like they are caught in-between, not quite grown up but can no longer call themselves naive”. Through catchy melodies and acoustic guitar, SHN's new single paints a picture of finding yourself inside (and outside) of a 7-Eleven while thinking about life and wondering where it all went wrong.

We all grow up at some point, and becoming an adult isn't always an easy thing to do. SHN makes it even more relatable by opening up about it in her track and singing what we’re really feeling inside at this age. The honesty in her lyrics is one of my favorite things about this track because thinking about life can happen anywhere, especially on a late-night run to the convenience store. The lyrics in her new single take you through the different sections of the 7-Eleven as you find her moving from the freezer section to the counter as she repeatedly sings “Too young to be this tired/too old to play along/where did I go wrong?”. SHN's vocals are stunning and bright throughout this track, despite the natural tone of the lyrics. “27 in a 7-Eleven” is going to be my new life anthem on repeat.

SHN, pronounced “ten”, is a Singer and Songwriter based in Asia. The up-and-coming artist has currently reached an impressive 114,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and her music has been streamed millions of times on the platform. Her #1 song on Spotify, “The Idea of Us” has been played over 2 million times alone. SHN has had a wide discography consisting of releases since 2018 which features 12 singles (14 with remixes) and 1 debut album titled “SHN” that came out in 2019. Her newest release, "27 in a 7- Eleven" will be the first one since her year-long hiatus which followed the release of “Dark Places'' (with Gareth Fernandez) in December of 2021. SHN writes “it’s a new era” on her Spotify and with her in it, it sounds like it will be. She is definitely an artist you want to keep on your radar.

Written By Jenna Barton



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