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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "30" - Zach Hood

When things get difficult and begin to build up in our lives, it often seems impossible that the dust will one day settle and a better future exists. Zach Hood, like the rest of us, has experienced times in his life when he felt stuck in the present, yet also had an incredibly difficult time fully living in it. His new single “30” is reminiscent of the time Zach spends at home with his mother, and how sad he becomes each time he has to leave home. When he sings that he hopes she sees him at thirty, it is not because he doesn’t think he will make it to that age, but he genuinely hopes that she will one day see him at thirty. It is “walking through life one step at a time,” and making it to thirty years old is a great step in the right direction.

The song opens with a beautiful acoustic melody, which is quickly accompanied by Zach’s crisp voice. There is slight harmonization and voice layering throughout this verse to emphasize certain points in the song. He keeps this consistency throughout the entire song, with some slight builds to the guitar rhythm in the chorus. In the second verse, there is a chorus in the background harmonizing with both Zach and the melody, which adds to the pure nature of the song. This all quiets down when Zach begins to talk about his mother, which again stresses the importance of the subject. It picks up once again when he begins to sing that he hopes his mother sees him at thirty, as the guitar begins to slowly fade out.

Alabama is Zach Hood's home. Always will be. Daphne, Alabama is the place he began to discover his love for singing, and also where he believes he found his purpose in life. Once he started gaining more success in music, he moved to Los Angeles where he has since accumulated over 40 million streams, hundreds of millions of views on his videos, and many popular singles to his name. In 2021, his first-ever single titled “Flashbacks,” an emotional punk-pop ballad about the wounds of his family, got over 4.8 million streams on Spotify. His following song “Isabelle” blew up with over 12 million streams. Every song he has released has meaning, and Zach hopes to continue making music that you can take something out of. We are excited to hear all of his upcoming songs!

Written By Molly Schiff



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