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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "35 days" - Maria Lane

Long-distance relationships can be challenging and awkward. It is being with someone while not physically being with them. The issues that arise from these relationships are explored in Maria Lane's newest single, "35 days;" a solemn, stripped-back indie-folk song exploring the complications of dating someone whose presence is only through a phone. Lane illustrates a range of emotions: neediness, guilt, isolation, longing--all of which come with having a partner so far away. Lines like "I'll admit I've been a little codependent / so I pull away cause I don't need you to see / that I need you" exemplify the relatably contradictory feelings and actions love can bring out of us. Yet the refrain, "It's just 35 days," brings a hopefulness to the track. The verses represent the worst fears, while the chorus is a soothing reminder for oneself. "35 days" is a gentle track that demonstrates Maria Lane's singer-songwriter capabilities.

In a letter posted to Instagram, Lane writes about the making of "35 days." "I wanted it to feel like a summer song," she remarks, "my guitar sad but upbeat summer song." The track certainly captures this "sad-but-upbeat" sound. For as melancholy as "35 days" is, there is also a pacifying warmness. It feels reminiscent of a Jack Johnson cut--maintaining a gentle mellowness that still evokes the fiery emotions Lane writes of. The simple acoustic guitar-heavy instrumental allows for Lane's vocals to shine. She sings with a soft, powerful inflection. Her quiet performance emotes the track's narrative while maintaining its comforting sound. "35 days" is a song made for a Sunday morning drive, that also hits close to home for those who can relate.

Maria Lane is a Brooklyn-based indie singer-songwriter. Her debut album, "maybe i'll feel better," was released in November of 2022. The LP's seventh track, "crying in a cvs," has currently amassed over 6000 streams on Spotify. Her TikTok and Twitter handle "sadbrunettegirl" characterizes the type of music Lane makes: expressive, universal ballads on themes of heartbreak, romance, and sadness. Like, come on, she has a song called "crying in a cvs"--Who hasn't been there? Her music is akin to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Olivia Rodrigo. "35 days," along with the rest of her discography is available to listen to on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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