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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "3AM" - Jordan Massey

3AM is the breakout single from R&B singer, Jordan Massey. Before I give you guys the full rundown on the song, I need to address the elephant in the room... his name. From one Jordan to another, how does it feel knowing you were given the greatest name on the planet? Mad respect, my friend. Moving onto what you're actually here for, this song tells Massey's story of being unable to read his girl's emotions and trying to figure them out. In the first verse, he says that this girl makes it so he "can't even sing/Cause every time [she] come[s] around, [he's] going crazy." In the chorus, he asks her, "From twelve o'clock till three in the morning, what goes through your mind?" as he tries to get a read on whether she loves him or not. Massey then calls for her help and asks her to "pull [him] out" of his negative thoughts. I'm sorry, man. Even if she doesn't come through, I hope you know that I and the rest of the Jordan society will be here for you always.

Jordan Massey uses an upbeat mashup of dance and R&B sounds to make sure that this song will get the clubs jumping even at 3AM. The outstanding production reminded me a lot of DJ Mustard's classic 2010s hits with the uptempo hi-hat drums and dreamy synths. You could sandwich this one between the Mustard-produced bangers Main Chick (Kid Ink and Chris Brown) and Rack City (Tyga) and it would be hard to tell the difference. Massey's singing is also incredible and his deep, but calming voice reminded me of one of Drake's most famous OVO prodigies, PARTYNEXTDOOR. Interestingly enough, this song's release was followed by an intimate version which removes the drums and turns it into a more mellow track. It kept the basic sound of 3AM while still breathing new life into it. I enjoyed both versions equally and I hope to see new versions of this one keep dropping.

According to Plastic Magazine, Jordan Massey recently passed out ONE MILLION streams across all of his songs on Spotify. After looking at how hard he's been grinding the past five years, he truly deserves it. His first EP, Human, was released in 2019 and included the single, Wonder, which was accompanied by his most popular music video on YouTube to date with over 140,000 views. 3AM was originally released in 2020 alongside his second EP, Heartless, and is still getting love to this day. Just this past year, publications like Clout, IndieMusicFlix, and TJPL News praised the track with the latter calling it "impossible not to dance" to. We here at Pop Passion couldn't agree more. Jordan Massey is on his way to becoming a worldwide name in R&B and if his songs don't prove it, his name should. This Jordan is now a certified stan of that Jordan.

Written by Jordan Elliott


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