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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "45 Degrees" - Laurel

Laurel’s brand new track entitled “45 Degrees” dives headfirst into a complicated love affair. Being lovestruck and utterly consumed by a new partner is a relatable concept to many of us, and Laurel does an excellent job of painting the picture. The crisp imagery contained within the song really elevates its lyrics. With lines in the pre-choruses such as “Kissing in cars on the coast” and “Red wine in the chateau,” Laurel gives us a quintessential romance to project our own experiences onto. As the song starts to wind down, the lyric of “Chase you like a summer breeze” is repeated one last time. Here (and throughout the song), Laurel’s word choice sets a serene and bittersweet tone. Consequently, “45 Degrees” is just like summer love bottled into song. 

The style and structure of “45 Degrees” feels fresh and on theme. Perhaps my favorite instrument showcased on the song is the drums. They carry the relaxed vibe of the track, evoking a summery mid-tempo beat. The only time they halt is for a brief clap section which enhances its energy and “dance-ability”. “45 Degrees” is uplifting and groovy in tone; it definitely sits in the genre of true vibrant pop. That being said, what is truly special about this piece of art is Laurel’s vocals. Her tone is extremely unique; it grabs the listener quickly and demands them to listen. Her talented singing is truly a highlight of the song and deserves to be recognized. On top of that, this track includes fantastic backing vocals and layered harmonies. The icing on the “45 Degrees” cake is the sound effect at its conclusion; to learn more about that you’ll have to listen to the end!

Laurel, also known as Laurel Arnell-Cullen is a British indie musician hailing from Southampton, England. She has carved her own space in the music industry from the comfort of her own bedroom studio in London. Laurel launched onto the scene with her debut EP entitled, “To the Hills” in 2014. It was this set of songs (along with the rest of her impressive discography) which has resonated with huge audiences. To be more specific than “huge,” she has accumulated a spectacular 54,400 Youtube subscribers and 780,711 monthly Spotify listeners. Laurel is not only a talented singer/songwriter, she can also play guitar, piano, synthesizer, bass, and drums. Notably, her single “San Francisco” garnered acclaim, earning her Apple Music’s first “Artist of the Week” award. Join Laurel as she continues to push musical boundaries and enchant audiences by following her social media below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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