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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "5 Years Too Early" - Ellen McNeill

Your twenties are supposed to be for you. It’s the weird, transitional period into full-fledged adulthood where we’re allowed to make careless mistakes, get hurt countless times, and blame everything on our young age. Most importantly though, we’re giving ourselves the space and freedom to thoroughly explore the aspects of our identity that haven’t been delved into yet. But sometimes serendipity intervenes and disrupts this self-navigation. This intervention takes on different shapes and always manages to surprise us when we least expect it. In Ellen McNeill’s case, her perfect person serendipitously came to her at 25. In her latest single, “5 Years Too Early”, McNeill divulges her thoughts and feelings on the experience.

“5 Years Too Early” is an indie-pop ballad centered on the hesitation and conflicting emotions McNeill experienced when meeting the person of her dreams. She knows this person would be amazing for her, if only she'd met them 5 years later. She feels she's a bit too young to be feeling something this strong, but can't help wanting this person in her life. The single opens with soft guitar plucking that reflects the innocent nature of this chance event, but then continuously blossoms into a stronger and more emotional love song. The groove is classic and smooth and is paired with Ellen's raw, stunning vocals.

Ellen McNeill is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. The artist’s discography is an

extension of her heart and soul; it’s the epitome of confessional-style music. Her debut single, “Crying Over Milk” is a stunning slow jam about a struggling relationship, with “5 Years Too Early” being her follow-up single that feels like a prequel. When McNeill isn’t brewing up music, she’s co-hosting the pop-up concert series Silverlake Jams with Harnek Gulati. The series not only gives up and coming musical artists an outlet to perform, but helps cultivate an engaging community between independent artists and listeners wanting to support their creativity. If you’re bound to the west coast or traveling over here, be sure to add a Silver Jams concert to your must-do list! If you’re lucky, you just might get to see McNeill perform during one of the shows. While you wait to see her perform live, show McNeill some virtual love in the form of streams,

likes, and follows.

Written By Gia Gradaille

Revised By Kaitlyn Nicole



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