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  • Alison Holst

Review: "About Me" - BEUX LEVI

Photo Credits: Theodore Swaddling

“About Me”, is an introspective song from artist BEUX LEVI. It ponders and questions the ideas we have when interrogating ourselves. Throughout the song it feels like BEUX is sorting through who he is, and is trying to find meaning or value in that thing. It also really dives into the thoughts that come up when trying to soothe ourselves from the discomfort of questioning our current realities. This song displays that BEUX's artistry reflects elements of contemporary pop while still having a sound of his own. BEUX’s music shares some of the same qualities found in other relevant pop artists such as ROLE MODEL.

“About Me”, is an impressive song, due to its sonic characteristics. The song incorporates both raw and acoustic sounds, while also incorporating more current electric pop sounds. The rawness of the piano in the opening of the song helps to really set the tone. It lets listeners know that the song is going to have emotional substance, and will be more reflective. While the song tackles some difficult reflective concepts, it maintains a calm and steady sound throughout. This gives the listener the space to enjoy the song while also digesting the lyrical content. BEUX’s impressive vocals also aid in giving the song this effect. His vocals are clear, steady and soft, making it the perfect accompaniment for the instrumentals and the song as a whole.

BEUX LEVI is a multifaceted artist from the United Kingdom. BEUX's skills as an artist include both song-writing and producing. BEUX has extensive experience touring with multiple projects. He has recently been on a journey of musical discovery, which now fuels his current music making. Beux’s style fits into the alternative pop music scene. While fitting into this genre BEUX is also trying to go beyond the typical pop scene in order to leave an authentic mark with a fresh sound. BEUX also has another previous single that he has released that really highlights his skills and talent for production. BEUX is the perfect artist for listeners looking for fresh alternative pop music, that is fun while still introspective.

Written By Alison Holst


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