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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Addicted" - Movie Night

Movie Night’s latest single called “Addicted” is an grungy electro-rock ballad that perfectly captures the pain and angst of wanting someone you can’t have. The song chronicles the story of a one night stand turned mournful longing as a former lover moves on, leaving the singer jealous and in shambles. He compares the feelings of not being able to let his lover go to an addiction, saying “Somebody else could let it go/But my heart is so conflicted/‘Cause I’m so addicted” and reflects on his regret for getting involved with her in the first place, since he can’t stop thinking about their time together, however brief. With quick back to back rhymes, such as “Can’t predict an addiction affliction/Now I’m wishing it was fictional, fixable/I’m miserable” the lyrics roll off the tongue, making it incredibly satisfying to sing along to. The track sinks its hooks into you and drags you in with its catchy melody and lyrics, just like the subject of the song is dragged in by his ex lover. 

“Addicted” starts with a stripped down production, with a mellow beat and occasional guitar accompaniment, the reverb adding a cool tone to the song. This helps create tension, so that when the song erupts into a heavy electro-pop production, complete with drums and heavily distorted electric guitar, it’s exciting and cathartic, filled with emotion and passion. The vocals are strong and powerful in the chorus, perfect for a classic rock sound. You can’t help but nod your head to the beat. Guitar solos are sprinkled throughout, adding to the emotional, melancholic mood in the song. This song feels like a speed drive on the highway at night. 

Meet Movie Night, the NYC pop/rock trio with members Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals), Nick Squillante (keys), and Steve Ranellone (drums). Their music is a fusion of infectious melodies and captivating performances, honed through collaborations with Grammy-nominated producer William Wiik Larsen. Movie Night has sold out iconic NYC venues like Rockwood Music Hall and Gramercy Theatre, building a dedicated fanbase. Their digital presence is thriving, with over 125K TikTok followers. They've toured colleges nationwide, sharing bills with acclaimed acts like American Authors and Offset. Stay tuned for Movie Night's upcoming singles, as they continue to captivate audiences with their dynamic sound and undeniable talent.

Written By Rachael Bach



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