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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "After Dark" - ARIA

We’ve at least had one person who only reaches out to us when they need a shoulder to lean on—that sometimes is okay. But when it’s every time, we can start to feel obligated and overwhelmed. They trust us enough to call us, and we spare the time for them. ARIA’s single, “After Dark” is about making time for that person even though it can be hard for us because they probably only see us as a diary. They know that we’re trapped with their secrets, so we’re unable to get out. It can be tough because we may care for the person, but do they feel the same way back? Or are we just a punching bag for them whenever they need us?

The intro starts with a small guitar melody which leads to a percussion-based beat accompanied by ARIA’s vocals. His stern vocals match with the serious lyrics about always being there for someone when they need them. ARIA’s tone of voice helps with the message because he sounds torn between fighting with himself and for the other person. It creates this weighty effect about carrying this person’s emotions that can be relatable to the listener. The soundscape has a moody-pop rhythm that’s easy to listen to with its catchy beat despite the deep lyrics. The tempo is fast paced which compliments ARIA’s flow throughout the song that ignites a sensation of adrenaline. The track’s hook immediately draws you in; ARIA’s mentions about his ex’s highlight a pattern of key points that are paired with the same percussion-based beat that sets the tension. The last lines end with a fine electric guitar creating a sentimental mood.

ARIA is a rapper, songwriter, and producer. He was a student at American University and turned down scholarship offers in order to focus on music during school. His music releases gathered over 30 million streams across digital platforms. He went viral on Global Shazam, Apple, iTunes, Deezer charts, and placed the #1 spot on Hype Machine. ARIA performed at the KYS Fest in 2021 amongst other artists. He has over 390K monthly Spotify listeners and over 5.9K followers. He’s released many songs in the past like “NO SLEEP,” “I’m Wrong,” and “Watch It Burn” and has been killing it since! He’s an artist worth checking out, so make sure to follow his journey!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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