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  • Megan Cao

Review: "After Effects" - Jzzy

“After Effects” is a pop-punk anthem on the aftermath of friendships turning sour. When others treat you badly, a lot of the time, especially kids, don’t know how to fight back. Toxicity, irrational fears, and overwhelming anxiety and stress are just some of the after-effects people have to deal with now. The after-effects of these unhealthy relationships lingers for years to come, manifesting themselves in thoughts, actions, goals.

Jzzy uses driving electric guitars and pulsating drums to accentuate her cut-throat vocals and pointed lyrics: “This song is for anyone who had a friendship turn sour, and who wishes they could just tell someone for once, let them know what they did and how it affected them, and the anthem-like chorus is about letting it all go.” Working with LA-based guitarist-producer Adam Neilson, Jzzy only has praise especially since they were working virtually and in different time zones.

Growing up in Ajmer, Jzzy, or Jasmine Mohammed, is an Indo-American pop artist that’s been rapidly releasing singles since last year. Now, she’s set to relocate to Los Angeles with her family. Though she’s young, she shows knowledge in the final mixes, crafting harmonies and countermelodies to contrast textures and create an atmosphere instead of simply just a song. She’s hot and on the rise, and definitely check-in on her upcoming stuff.

Written By Megan Cao



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