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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "All Alone" - Hannah Duckworth

Let's be honest: who doesn't need an angsty song to rock out to during the Valentine's Day season? That's where Hannah Duckworth's newest single, "All Alone," comes in as the perfect antidote. "All Alone" is a pop-punk banger about breaking up with your toxic ex-partner. We've all been there, and Duckworth authentically expresses those universal feelings of rage and pain. Her punk attitude, combined with the high-tempo guitar riffs and drumline from the iconic Aaron Gillespie (who worked for the likes of Paramore and Underoath), make for the ideal track to scream along to in the car. Hannah Duckworth once talked about a time when someone told her "All Alone" made them want to "jump on the bed, but cry at the same time," which completely represents the song's charm. "All Alone" is boisterous, fun, cathartic, and emotionally resonant, making for an all-around incredible ex-takedown anthem.

One of the biggest strengths of "All Alone" is Duckworth's lyricism. The imagery she constructs within her songwriting is thoughtful and creative. Lines such as "Blowing up the city just to sit in all the ashes / All alone" as a metaphor for a partner's manipulation and constant mistreatment are poetic and earnest in depicting heartbreak and anger. Her delivery sells it, too. Hannah Duckworth is an expressive vocalist whose performance acts out the range of emotions one goes through during a tough breakup. When she sings about leaving the relationship (in another clever metaphor of jumping out of a burning building), the vocalist convicts such power for listeners to cheer along. Despite being about such a difficult and heartwrenching topic, the track is such a crowd-pleaser at times (especially when she sings, "need to stop with all your bitching," because, again, we've all been there). "All Alone" is a liberating pop-punk anthem bound for heartbreak playlists everywhere. 

Hannah Duckworth is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle. Her musical influences often come from 90s grunge to 2000s emo and pop-punk sounds. If you are a fan of artists like Paramore and Alanis Morisette or more recent musicians such as Olivia Rodrigo, Hannah Duckworth's sound is bound to appeal. Her first release came in 2022 with the single "Stay Quiet," and since then, her output has been consistent and prosperous. Tracks like "Anywhere But Here," "To All My Friends Who Didn't Make It," and "Summer Love" all have over 15,000 streams on Spotify, and the artist currently amasses over 4470 monthly listeners on the streaming platform as well. "All Alone" is one of the main singles to debut for her upcoming first EP, "Anywhere But Here," produced entirely with Gillespie. Look out for "Anywhere But Here," whose release date is set for sometime in 2024. "All Alone" and the rest of Duckworth's discography are available to stream now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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