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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "All Around Me" - Aliana Lohan

Aliana Lohan eloquently tells the story of overwhelming, incomparable love in her latest single, “All Around Me.” The high-energy pop track expresses the “immense power of love” through its hopeless romantic lyrics. Lohan tells her partner that she seems them through everything—in the clouds, in the rain, in the changing leaves. Their love is so powerful and strong that even when they are apart, Lohan can still feel their presence. The lyrics beautifully depicts a type of love that many people spend years searching for and few truly find. This is a love that is so pure and so full of devotion, that the couple cannot help but feel engulfed in their admiration. “All Around Me” is an otherworldly dance-pop track with a romantic narrative that is destined to dominate the charts.

“All Around Me” is an infectious love song with an 80s pop influence that showcase Lohan’s undeniable talent. The song kicks off with low synth sounds on the keyboard before subtle synth waves build into the first verse. Lohan’s powerful vocals lead the song with layered effects that create an echo-like whisper in the background. As the song continues, drums with a gated reverb are introduced that enhance the intensity of the production. In the pre-chorus, a guitar riff is played at the beginning and the end of each line, bringing an emphasis to the empowering lyrics. Synthwave toms are used to introduce the energetic, lively production of the chorus. While the guitar riff continues, additional guitar chords are added, and the beat becomes more prevalent. In the background, a bass and the echoing vocals are heard, rounding out the full production. The immensely dynamic soundscape makes “All Around Me” a flawless dance-pop track that listeners will play on an endless loop, making it the perfect summer anthem.

Aliana Lohan is a singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She has been in the music industry for over a decade but has recently rebranded her music and sound to match her current style. In 2021, she released the first of her new era of music with her single, “Without You.” Then on her birthday in 2022, she released the follow-up single, “Already Home.” “All Around Me” marks her third single while she works on her upcoming EP. Her musical inspiration ranges between artists such as Pat Benatar, Celine Dion, and Cyndi Lauper with a mix of influences from Taylor Swift and Pink. With a combination of “catchy rhythms and soulful sounds,” Lohan’s style has often deemed her as an “old soul,” making her music timeless and unforgettable. Aside from her music career, Lohan also has acting credits to her name. Most recently, she starred alongside her sister, Lindsay Lohan, in the 2022 Netflix Original Holiday Rom-Com, Falling for Christmas.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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