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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "All My Friends H8 U" - Gabby Orr

Gabby Orr’s lates t single is a fiery anthem that consists of cheeky lyrics and a powerful production. “All My Friends H8 U” details a time when she was dating someone that was clearly toxic for her, but she ignored all her friends’ warnings. Throughout the verses, the song details an unhealthy dynamic where her partner was a ticking time bomb. Orr never knew if she was going to get them in a good mood where they treated her right, or if they were going to blow up and tear her down. This person clearly knew how to manipulate her to stay by saying just the right things when they would take it too far. Orr’s friends saw right through this and hated her partner, but she would ignore them because she was blinded by her infatuation. In the chorus, she reveals the hook: “All my friends hate you// And I know I should too// Can’t change who you are// And that’s the worst part// All my friends hate you// Nothing left to lose// You’re so bad for my heart// Yeah it broke from the start.” Orr has begun to see the darker side of this person and has concluded they were just born to act this way. They are inherently manipulative and emotionally abusive, and there is nothing she can do to change this. She realizes that they were doomed from the start and that this person is bad for her. She broke her own heart for falling for their type, and only wishes that she had listened to her friends. “All My Friends H8 U” is a cathartic release for not only Orr, but also for any listener that has undergone the same treatment by someone that they thought loved them. It is incredibly honest and can be eye-opening for those that may be stuck in this kind of toxic relationship, making it an unforgettable track for every single listener.

“All My Friends H8 U” utilizes a fiery pop-rock production to emphasize the angsty lyrics sung throughout. The song begins with Orr’s muffled lyrics singing, “all my friends hate you.” Her voice reverberates as a slow electric guitar is strummed with the vocal effect being repeated. As the verse starts, the guitar briefly cuts out, before returning with the synth beats. The production maintains this instrumentation through the verse while Orr’s compelling vocals guide the audience through the candid lyrics. When the chorus hits, the production explodes with the introduction of the energetic drums paired with the electric guitar and bass. As the song transitions into the second verse, the music returns to the original production, maintaining a steady structure of the track. After the powerful second chorus, the bridge mellows the song one last time to only the soft guitar riff and Orr’s airy vocals. Subtly, the synth beats begin the build in the background as the listener anticipates the final explosion back into the chorus. At the end of the track, the song fades out with only the guitar, ending the song in a classic pop-rock fashion. “All My Friends H8 U” is the perfect song to blast after a messy break-up that contains an infectious beat that is impossible to not want to dance along to.

Gabby Orr is a singer-songwriter from Ohio, now based in Nashville. In 2018, she released her first single, “Unseen.” Since her debut, she has released several singles, with “All My Friends H8 U” as her first release of 2023. In July 2022, she released her four-track debut EP, Even Good Things Will End. Orr’s music is a blend of “noir beats, airy vocals, and punchy lyricism” that beautifully encapsulates her personal experiences in an unforgettable manner. She has showed no signs of slowing down and continues to release relatable, yet catchy music that continues to draw in new devoted fans.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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