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  • Willow Gray

Review: "All or Nothing" - Izzy T

“All or Nothing” is a confident sex-positive anthem that is as sultry as it is self-empowering. Self-empowerment and giving into your deepest desires can form in many ways. Sometimes, this can be found from within the pleasure you receive from another person. As you meet another person and can feel your desires entangling you realize new things about yourself. You crave the deep physical sensations from allowing yourself to both receive and give pleasure. These new feelings are as much about yourself and seeking our desire as they are feeling good with someone else. As you make this other person feel good and they do the same for you, you realize you want to put everything into this empowering life. You no longer want to hold back as you know this experience will solidify this newfound confidence.

Izzy T’s single is an alternative rock empowering anthem that has unique yet captivating instrumental and melodic modulations. T’s expressive vocal deliveries put a finely wrapped bow on top of this punk sex-positive single. With every exclamation of empowerment and pleasure-filled detail, her vocals sell you each time. One of the most standout aspects of this single is the abrupt change made for the bridge halfway through. This bridge really embraces the sexy tone of the melodic and lyrical nature of this single. Its sudden start allows the listener to feel and hear more into her mindset and confidence change. The instrumentation has guitar riffs and drumbeats sprinkled throughout it. Every strum and beat exudes sultry passion as T belts out another captivating lyric.

Izzy T is a British-Iranian singer-songwriter who has already taken the world by storm with her empowering hits. She has a dedicated fanbase from all over the world due to how widespread her singles become. She has a prominent history and current presence on over 22 radio shows worldwide. Her music has been featured in well-accredited radio show playlists such as Misfits 2.0 and Rock Right Now. One of the most successful aspects of her career has been the various features she has been included in, such as articles from Billboard, Rolling Stone, and BBC Radio 1 airplay. She is well known for her many live performances across the world in venues such as Pride performances and LA’s Hotel Cafe. She has made a name for herself on social media as well and has maintained her dedicated fanbase through this means. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “All or Nothing” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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