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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "All Our Sins " - Planet Case

Imagine taking a piece of paper and crumbling it up. You can uncrumple the paper, but it will never be as smooth as it once was. This is how it can feel when trying to repair a relationship after conflict. You can make amends and slap on a metaphorical Band-Aid. Even so, the past conflict still looms over the relationship like a dark rain cloud. Plant Case’s song, “All Our Sins,” reflects on what happens when the rain cloud of conflict gets too heavy and ultimately bursts.

I thought the piano in the song was well done. It was calm, simple, and really flowed well with the lyrics. I also liked the guitar hook on the chorus. It added depth to the music while keeping the story of the lyrics undisturbed. This story is talking about an actual relationship in the artist’s life. It is not surprising because you can hear the pain and hurt come out in his voice. Music is one very healthy way to release negative emotions.

Planet Case is a Finland-based band. They have released 3 EP’s with songs that have gotten played on radio channels in many countries including the United States. It is no surprise that the band has racked up more than 500,000 streams. Their first big break was going on tour with another Finland-based rock band called Sunrise Avenue. Since then, Planet Case has had the privilege of appearing on some of Finland’s biggest stages.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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