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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "ALL OUT " - AZRA

Photo Credits: Joseph Cartwright

In our competitive society, it's easy for doubt and fear to overwhelm us. AZRA’s new single, “ALL OUT” is all about embracing confidence and power. This anthem of empowerment motivates audiences to accept their authentic selves and break free of societal norms. AZRA’s electrifying lyrics encourage listeners to channel their feelings of anger and rage into power and fearlessness. For instance, the lines, “They wanna keep me silent, I wanna liberate” and “When hatred breaks against your bones, remember you are not alone” strike notes of courage and resilience. We’ve all had feelings of self-consciousness and doubt and the relatable messaging in “ALL OUT” reminds us that we are not alone. AZRA’s mesmerizing vocals and complex lyricism help to create not only a beautiful piece of music, but also an inspiring statement of self-love and strength.

“ALL OUT” is introduced with intricate guitar strumming and fast-paced, playful percussion. The addition of electronic synth noise helps capture that iconic pop sound, reminiscent of the early 2000’s music scene. AZRA’s haunting vocals immediately exert elements of confidence and grit. The single’s exhilarating chorus contains powerful vocals and booming percussion. The use of vocal layering highlights AZRA’s impressive vocal range, hitting both high-pitched soprano tones and deep, raspy notes. The song’s magical bridge contains hypnotizing harmonies and slower-paced instrumentation that builds back up to the next verse with increased intensity. AZRA’s energetic singing, meaningful lyricism and vivacious instrumentation make “ALL OUT” a powerful anthem, calling for self-love and never-ending confidence.

Born in South Korea and raised in San Jose, California, AZRA is a talented pop-rock musician, motivational speaker, model and an accomplished author. She classifies her music within her own signature sound, substance pop, an entirely new genre of music that channels cathartic power pop, rock, dance and metal. From a young age, AZRA knew she wanted to create music and art. She experimented with various musical genres before curating her unique sound, including pop, R&B, K-pop, hip-hop, rock and even classical compositions. AZRA’s debut EP, “Freedom” was released in 2017 and featured five passion-filled tracks, most notably “Right Here”. Since her debut, AZRA’s discography has grown exponentially with tunes such as “Dirty”, “Hell & Back”, “Skyline”, “Miracle” and her biggest hit, “Dimension” which has accumulated over 294k streams on Spotify alone. AZRA’s new single, “ALL OUT” is only the first track introducing her upcoming summer EP, setting the tone for her new era of strength and unapologetic determination. The energetic single embodies influence from pop-icons such as, Kelly Clarckson, Lady Gaga and P!nk who are known for powerhouse vocals laced with passion, meaning and charisma. Keep an eye out for AZRA as she reaches new heights in her musical career and releases more songs that beautifully capture power and freedom.

Written By Julia Hooper


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