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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "All Over The Place" - Mara Liddle

The 2020s have been memorable, to say the least. As society slowly progresses past world-changing historical events, we are beginning to witness art reflect on the struggles of living through these turbulent times. Up-and-coming musician Mara Liddle is one of this trend's newest and most exciting artists. Her latest single, "All Over The Place," ponders life post-pandemic in the digital age, exploring our anxiety and disheveledness. Lyrics like "Stage fright / Spotlight / I've never felt so shy" and "I'm so humble / God, I'm so carefree / That's what I want them to see," are relatable, sharp observations on the pressures of being on social media. The titular line, "These days I'm all over the place," accurately represents the confusion of what to do after socially isolating for nearly a year and a half. And yet, for its weighty themes, "All Over The Place" is one of the most colorful and exuberant pop cuts recently. As Liddle says, she wants to make music "spray it in Pink [and] package it for the Tiktok generation." Mara Liddle takes the universal challenges young adults face today and blends them with new-age aesthetics to create a song by and for Gen Z.

Liddle has cited hyperpop icons like Charli XCX and Pinkpanthress as sources of inspiration for her music, and she calls her songs a mix between Garage and Pop. These references are apparent in "All Over The Place." In line with similar tracks before it, "All Over The Place" takes cues from club beats and Euro dance. The song is bouncy, light, and unequivocally pop. With its rattling beat and smooth synth line, "All Over The Place" is a sparkly earworm bound to get stuck in your head. Yet, the song also implores lo-fi aesthetics. With Liddle's soft crooning and gentle harmonies, "All Over The Place" balances being a low-key bop, feeling like a mix between Shygirl and Clairo. "All Over The Place" is a bright, pink, summery hit.

Mara Liddle is a U.K.-based singer-songwriter. During the COVID lockdown, Liddle began writing her tracks. Now, alongside producer JB Thomas, Liddle is working towards releasing her debut EP. From the beginning of January of this year until only a week ago, the musician has released four singles; "Twist The Knife," a collab with fellow artist Say, "facebook official," "Oversharing," and now, "All Over The Place." She strives to capture the sentiments of living as a young woman in the social media age. With a colorful, eccentric aesthetic in and out of her music, Liddle wants to make music with a message that is also fun. Her discography consists of poppy, upbeat songs that explore authentic emotions. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what she releases next, and you can find all her music, including "All Over The Place," on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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