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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "All The Things You'd Ruin" - Meg Smith

With her latest single, Meg Smith astounds listeners with an unforgettable production and clever lyrics. “All The Things You’d Ruin” is a brilliant track that describes the fear of losing the one you love and everything that would be tainted if they left. Smith is head over heels for her partner, yet cannot help but dread the idea of them walking away. She introduces these vulnerable feelings in the pre-chorus when she sings, “Oh no, I showed you my favorite song// Now I can’t listen if you’re gone// And you keep asking to meet my mom// But you’ll ruin it if things go wrong.” With these lines, she illustrates that her partner appears to be all in. They are interested in her favorite music and want to meet her family. For Smith, this is very exciting but also adds an extra layer of anxiety. She wants them to last, yet is afraid of the level of damage that them leaving would cause. Throughout the chorus, she lists off the different things that would be ruined, no matter how vital or mundane they are. She includes activities such as ordering take out, singing karaoke, and even places like Washington Square Park. But she also includes major monumental moments, such as every single first kiss from there on out and every single weekend, never to be enjoyed again. Relating back to the pre-chorus line about her favorite song, she also drops the name “Taylor Swift” as something that would be ruined. As a fellow Swiftie, this makes the song even more relatable to my own thoughts and feelings. Similar to Swift herself, Smith wrote a significant number of personal details into the track, conveying her honest and vulnerable emotions. This is a rarity in the genre, as many artists opt for vague lyrics in their music. Instead, Smith takes a page from Swift and lets her heart out on her sleeve in the incredible track. With “All The Things You’d Ruin”, Smith demonstrates that she is not only a phenomenal singer, but a skilled lyricist that has the potential to stand out as one of the greatest songwriters in the industry.

“All The Things You’d Ruin” is the epitome of a passionate alternative pop-rock track complete with a moody electric guitar and sensitive lyrics. Smith kicks off the song with the slow electric guitar riff that is reminiscent of the early 2000s pop rock genre. This sets the stage for the emotional track, introducing the listener to the angsty mood. After a couple measures, Smith’s heavenly vocals begin and the drums are introduced as the guitar continues in the background. In the pre-chorus, the production intensifies with the muted guitar and a slight tempo increase. At the end of the pre-chorus, Smith provides an outstanding high note that creates the perfect transition into the high-energy, fiery chorus. The production shifts into high gear as the electric guitar returns and the tempo increases further. The listener cannot help but want to scream along to the catchy lyrics. At the end of the chorus, the instrumental transition back into the verse is a compilation of different sounds that further enhances the Y2K theme. Furthermore, the accompanying visualizer complements this aesthetic, with a grainy video on the streets of Brooklyn and Smith dressed in 2000s fashion. The song is the first track on her latest EP, Rom Com Pop, a project inspired by this era of music and romantic comedies. Smith’s creativity is off the charts with the mixture of the visuals and the music. She perfectly encapsulates the Y2K theme while staying true to her artistry, exemplifying her unmistakable talent.

Meg Smith is an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, now based in Brooklyn, NY. She has been writing and performing since she was 13-years-old. She is known for her clever and honest songwriting that resonates with listeners. She utilizes memorable pop hooks and indie rock production to create unforgettable tracks. In 2020, she released her debut single, “Cool 4 U”, which was later featured on her debut EP, American in Paris. The EP was followed up by her 2021 single, “Cross My Heart I Hope U Die”, which led to massive success. It has over 7 million streams on Spotify alone. The track is now the theme song to The Apple TV vampire series EZRA, and was featured in Season 2 of Netflix Original Series, Ginny and Georgia. Despite a recent debut, Smith has already made a big name for herself with sold out shows at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles and a feature on Wonderland magazine. Most impressively, she is the recent winner of the first BMI Charlie Feldman Award, solidifying her rightful place in the industry.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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