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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "All Things Change" - Eden Rain

“All Things Change” by Eden Rain is a poignant reflection on the turbulent experiences of the Covid era, marked by personal and global challenges while also falling in love. Crafted with poetic lyricism, the song serves as a mantra for resilience during tough times. Amidst the chaos, Eden reminds herself that change is inevitable, emphasizing the transient nature of difficulties. The song encapsulates her journey of navigating through life's upheavals and finding solace in the belief that, despite the chaos, all things change and pass. With a melancholy yet nostalgic sound, Rain echoes the sentiment that even in the face of challenges, change brings growth and new beginnings, through love and heartbreak.

Beginning with a wistful synthy sound, Rain begins the first verse talking about how “everything is temporary,” but her love for her partner is so powerful, she feels that it can overcome the power of time. She says “nothing about you is temporary,” when talking about her lover, amidst the backdrop of gentle guitar plucking. The production is stripped back and intimate, which makes us feel like we are experiencing this vulnerable revelatory moment with her. The song then picks up in the chorus, with a choir-like vocal sound that heightens the emotions felt in the song, and it feels comforting in a way to hear her assure that “All things change.” In the second chorus, Rain jumps forward in time, with two years having passed and saying “Who I am is not who I was” and now navigating heartbreak. She realizes that she had frozen their love in a moment in time, but that all things change and the most important thing to do is look forward. The song ends on a hopeful note, that despite hardship and heartbreak, there is much to look forward to.

Eden Rain, the emerging talent from Leeds, has been leaving an indelible mark on the music scene since her debut single, "Wake Up, You're Stuck," released in 2021. From the outset, Rain has been a hands-on artist, intricately involved in shaping her own visual and sonic landscape. Her distinctive "gutter-vision" aesthetic adds a personal and charming touch to her alt-pop confessionals, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for her audience. Eden's upcoming EP, “But I'm Alright Now,” is set for release November 24th.

Written By Rachael Bach



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