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  • Alison Holst

Review: "All We Got" - Loveta

Loveta has truly created a song that is both impressive and creatively unique. “All We Got”, combines current pop inspiration, with sounds of the past. Together these two aspects create a unique sound that leaves listeners wanting to stay along for the ride. It’s the perfect feel good song, for when you have a crush or are first starting a relationship. The song also reveals how in the back of your mind you are secretly wishing that this new relationship will last, while trying to find a way to savor the present.

“All We Got” opens with fast paced guitar, and listeners are introduced to the voice of Loveta. Shortly after, leading up to the chorus the guitar gets paired with a bass, therefore, introducing the rhythm of the song. By the chorus the song’s instrumentals become more substantial and reveal its intricacy. The intricacy and unique instrumentals of the chorus really highlight Loveta’s musical and writing talent. The bridge also highlights this talent, as the bridge takes on a whole new sound in this short part of the song. The bridge contains synths and more electric sound, different from what's heard in the majority of the song. After the bridge listeners are brought back to the familiar sounds that constitute most of the song, accompanied by the powerful voice of Loveta to close it out.

Loveta is a New Zealand based artist that has immense musical and lyrical talent. Her instrumentals bring something new to the table, while still using past and contemporary references. A contemporary artist with a sound very similar to Loveta is Dua Lipa. Loveta establishes her own presence with the unique aspects of her writing, as it leaves listeners never feeling bored, but instead intrigued. Loveta's lyrics also always prove to be insightful, and relatable. Overall Loveta’s discography is an impressive one, and is worth listening to.

Written By Alison Holst



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