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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "All You Need Is Love" - Nicky Romero x Nico Santos x Jonas Blue

Nicky Romero, Nico Santos, and Jonas Blue team up for the pick-me-up song of the summer with “All You Need Is Love.” It is never too late in life to walk away and start over. Many people stay in unhealthy dynamics because they fear being alone more than the yearn to find eternal happiness. You fight for a relationship to survive because you lost yourself to make someone else happy, and that has to be worth something. An empty cup can’t fill another, so when you give everything you have to someone who doesn’t mind sucking you dry, you’re left feeling lonelier than if you were actually alone. The damage can be irreparable if you don’t have faith in yourself and hope that you are enough all on your own. It’s okay to walk away; it’s okay to start over; it’s okay to choose yourself. All you need in life is love, and the love that supersedes all else is the love you have with yourself.

Nicky Romero is back on Virgin Records/Universal Music releasing his uplifting dance-pop crossover single “All You Need Is Love.” Romero teamed up with dance-pop mainstay Jonas Blue and talented singer/producer Nico Santos to give us the song of the summer. Combining their unique visions and expertise, this collaboration is nothing short of magical. Opening with soul-rendering vocals overtop organic melodies, the song escalates to a progressive crescendo with the chorus that can only be described as euphoric. Santos brings the hopeful lyrics to life as Romero and Blue’s respective production skills magically toe the line between electronic and pop genres. “All You Need Is Love” premiered at the main stage of Ultra Music Festival, and the highly anticipated release is finally here. This track contains a message that needs to be engrained in everyone's mind. Nico Santos hits the nail on the head with his description that the song "is a reminder for us all: Even when you're facing great challenges and experiencing dark times, you should believe that brighter times are ahead, and you need to trust the power and the love within you to help you to get there."

Nicky Romero took the world by storm with early hits that quickly proved his talent is ever-evolving and here to stay. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry after launching his Protocol Recordings imprint in 2012. Romero continues to prove his ability to turn everything he touches into gold and continues to push boundaries with each show concept and new release, forever instilling himself as a dance music icon. Nico Santos is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is an absolute exceptional talent. His versatility covers genres from pop to hip-hop to R&B and deep house to film music. He discovered and utilized a freedom that can only come from following a flow which has garnered over 1 billion global stream from his loyal fans. Jonas Blue’s career to date continues to be astounding, and its effect has been felt all over the world. His records collectively have been certified platinum over 130 times around the globe. Blue has cemented his name as a main stage DJ and pop highflier. The three powerhouses worked seamlessly to create this amazing record that showcases their unique flair and collaborative genius. As the summer progresses and the sun heats up, remember “All You Need Is Love” and this song on repeat!

Written By Grace Chapman





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