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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "alone with me" - Julia Alexa

Julia Alexa’s “alone with me” mirrors a diary entry we sadly know all too well, the loop in our mind that only stops when we finally fall asleep, or the long text in our notes app we probably won’t ever send. This chilling track of melancholy encapsulates the deep feeling of loneliness when you put your whole heart, soul, body, and mind into someone, and they let you down. It’s the indescribable feeling of emptiness after you’ve let yourself slip away to fulfill someone else’s idea of the perfect person, and when they leave, you see no resemblance to the old you as you stand in the mirror. When you loved someone harder than you even imagined possible, and they break your heart, it’s easy to blame yourself and convince yourself you’ll never be good enough. We hold on to the past because we build walls higher and higher after every heartbreak, and we think back to the optimistic person they met who was naive enough to give her soul away to help him find his. We can’t fathom a world in where it’s not us together again in the end because the pain and suffering has to be worth it, and we don’t think another love like that exists in our story. We wish for one more phone call, one more night together, and just one more chance to prove we are worthy. We will take him in any dose he wants to give us because we want to feel something other than sorrow, even for just a night, even for just a moment.

“alone with me” is an emotional, raw alt-pop song. Julia Alexa based it off a real experience of feeling lonely and empty after somebody broke her heart. The vulnerable storytelling seeps over the crestfallen piano, and you feel the weight of every word she utters. Julia offers comfort to her listeners in a time when nothing makes sense. She wants her audience to know that she has been there and understands just how hard it can be to even get out of bed when you’re trying to mend your own heart that someone else destroyed. Aside from her awe-inspiring voice and lulling, soulful music, she has created a safe space for 3 minutes where we find solace in knowing we are not alone in feeling alone. “alone with me” contains all the words we wish we had the courage to say, and it lets us feel all the things we’ve been stifling. Healing begins the moment you hit play.

Julia Alexa is an independent artist from Switzerland. When she’s not singing and songwriting, she’s studying pharmaceutical science at ETHZ. At just 21 years old, she has such a grasp on life and love, and her old soul seeps into everything she creates. Julia has been playing the piano and perfecting her craft since 13, and her passion for music and raw talent has only improved with time. She is inspired by other small online creators and began posting covers and original music on Youtube. She started to write, produce, and release her own music in 2019 where she was welcomed into the lofi community with open arms. Julia has really found her niche in the sad, chill pop scene, and her songs have garnered over 40M streams on Spotify alone. After many successful collabs and an EP that showed her talents as a songwriter and producer, Julia is taking 2023 by storm and planning to release her full album, and "alone with me" is the first single from it, so we can only imagine what's to come. Follow Julia below to become a part of her incredible journey, and be the first to know when she releases new music!

Written By Grace Chapman



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