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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Alright" - Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands' new track “Alright” is the quintessential anthem for us misfits. She profoundly professes that it’s okay to not be okay. Try as we may, there’s no clear remedy for feeling out of place. We can envision ourselves in a far away land, let the stars dictate our daily emotions, exude confidence hoping one day it sticks, or clasp our hands together and send a prayer to an unknown location. We convince ourselves it’s situational, and when we finally move to this place, quit that job, get in a better relationship, everything will feel different… but that’s not always the case. Sometimes we have to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. We are who we are, and just because we don’t seem on the same track as everyone else, we are exactly where we need to be. Everyone has things in their life they wish they could change, whether it be internal or external, but some people are just better at plastering a fake smile and convincing the world they are perfect. Those masks that people wear can make the rest of us feel inadequate, lost, and hopeless, but sometimes its better to wear your emotions on your sleeve, face your issues head on, and be exactly who you are instead of pretending. Pretending prevents healing. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s alright to not feel alright. Our time is coming, and acknowledging yourself at your worst means appreciating yourself with every little victory.

Charlotte wrote “Alright” when she was in a very low place in life. She felt hopeless for the future, and that feeling began to isolate her. She was alone in the pandemic with nothing but her thoughts and a melody. “Alright” shows a clear evolution in her music. Instead of pop and rock, she released her inhibitions and created a beautiful song seeped in vulnerability. This is a song that everyone can relate to. There is such comfort in knowing you are not alone in feeling alone. Fitting in is something so many people yearn for just to realize you should never conform your identity. Being exactly who you are is the only way to feel free. The most sought after group is the one made up of all the misfits who know their greatest power is not changing for anyone. People always want to fit a mold or be perceived a certain way, but when we’re chasing what someone else has, they’re scoping the room trying to find something to replace that with. Our quirks are our magic. You can search high and low in this universe, and one day, no matter how long it takes, you will find the thing you’ve been searching for has been inside you all along.

Charlotte Sands is a pop/rock singer/songwriter from Nashville. She was inspired from a young age by artists, like Michelle Branch, who could convey a story in so much detail and captivate their audience from start to finish. Charlotte has always wanted to create a safe space at her shows where people can escape reality for a while and be free to dance and sing in a crowd surrounded by other people who are there for the exact same reason. Originally from Massachusetts, Charlotte moved to Nashville at 18 to chase her dreams, and although it was challenging at times, she claims it was the best decision she’s ever made. She used the pandemic to perfect her craft and release incredible music that gave her fans a bright escape in a dark world. With over 135 million streams and completely selling out her headline tour, Charlotte is changing the game of music and the lives of so many people who finally have their feelings put down in words. Charlotte Sands is certainly one to watch out for, and we are more than “Alright” with watching her voyage to the stars.

Written By Grace Chapman



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