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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "always" - brother bird

Brother Bird, otherwise known as Caroline Glaser, has taken flight once again, with her new single “always” off of their sophomore LP another year, out March 8th. The song, an indie-folk ballad, was initially written for television and film placements, but Glaser kept it on the record due to her personal connection with the track. The track talks about growing up, addressing the pains of growing up, and acknowledging that nobody said it would get easier.” A painful ballad that acknowledges the pain of growing up and having to learn how to live as an adult, Glaser tells the audience that “forever is a dark place” but not to give up, saying that they’re “learning it the hard way.”

The subtle guitar riff throughout the track allows Glaser’s vocals to take center stage, one that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. Her tone is so pretty, but along with the subtle harmonies? It was a joy to listen to. Glaser’s vocals allow the listener to really listen to the lyrics, which are emotionally raw and a relatable feeling to all of us as we grow up. Not only that but having the track be guitar-led also complimented Glaser’s vocals well. It’s a simple guitar riff throughout the song, and while other instruments do pop up around the track, particularly between the chorus and verses, the guitar is an excellent addition to the production of “always.” With Glaser’s and the stripped-back production, it creates a great song to listen to.

Brother Bird (stylized as "brother bird") is the stage name for Glaser. Glaser started off doing covers on YouTube, getting recognized by the Manchester Orchestra for a cover of a song by them that she did. As Glaser grew, she became more recognizable, being a notable contestant on The Voice. Becoming a favorite of the judges, Glaser’s career skyrocketed. In anticipation of her upcoming LP another year, Glaser has released two other singles alongside “always,” “state of mind” and “something better.” Not only that, but Glaser is going on tour to promote another year with Dustin Kensrue. With Glaser releasing another year and going on tour, she’s set up for a great year, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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